Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Obstacles For MerDer

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Last night, we saw new mom Ellen Pompeo back at Grey’s Anatomy. The show is moving Derek and Meredith back where they belong: front and center. That’s the good news.

Here comes the bad, according to EW: “They will face relationship challenges, many of them work-oriented, in the second half of the season,” reveals creator Shonda Rhimes.

Rhimes insists, though, that this latest obstacle will not result in the newly married-via-Post-It pair breaking up - a rumor that has been making the rounds on the Internet.

Mer and Der Love

Derek and Meredith aren't breaking up ... but there'll be bumps along the way.

“I don’t know how many times [I] can say, ‘Derek and Meredith are together forever’ and have anybody hear it,” the  executive producer says. “I can only reassure so much."

“In order to [produce] a drama you need to have some drama,” Rhimes adds.

“Whether or not two people are meant for one another and will remain together doesn’t mean that things aren’t going to happen to challenge their relationship.”

What do you think? Are you okay with watching the MerDer relationship evolve even if it means some difficult times? And what do you think these new obstacles will be?

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having bumps along the way in a relationship is normal.. but no matter what, merder cannot be seperated!!
its just so sweet to see them getting back together, lovely dovey after a fight or so.


I love Merder so much,I don't mind if they have challenges once they remain together.


what happeenssss between izzie and karev?


I agree with Clarkson_Fan about the fact that we've only got good scenes here and there with MerDer. They are my favorite couple. I am glad that Shonda has said that they WILL NOT be breaking up. As long as Derek and Meredith stay together for good, then I'm okay with them having obstacles in their relationship. We all know that they have overcome some huge obstacles since their relationship began.


I love that MERDER are together forever and I agree that the 5 second moments between them make the show great and no matter what happens I always am smiling because of MerDer. Bumps are expected in ANY relationship as long as they stay together this will be great.


hasn't Shonda stated there would be big reverberations from the post it wedding, that she wants MerDer to be eventually happy etc. I think folks who are on the internet GA sites perpetuate the MerDer breakup rumors cos every season MerDer have broken up. Some of the breakups have made sense, however S4 pre writers strike breakup was badly scripted cos they seemed to need the drama of a MerDer breakup. But now it would seem to make sense that they could survive some disagreements between them,but I am kinda dreading it. I hope Mer gets into the OR soon, the promo pics seem to show her practicing again. We know Cris is cardio, Alex has been pointed in the direction of peds, so where is Mer's choice?


I see strange a thing, that Shonda shows a post-it is stronger than a real point of wiev is this .The marriage between Alex and Izzie is in crisis for a misconceived and a post-it does a real couple MerDer, but i remember that MerDER lived these crisis before years, they need durable their relation.The drama is that Shonda does to believe a post-it a real marriage this is the drama in this show.There isn't credibility in this show.


I want a real wedding for MerDer!!!
They are grey's!!!


There absolutely MUST be some difficult times for Meredith and Derek! They've become too healthy and brighty and shhiny! Boring! :) I want drama, suspense:)


I really think that Meredith and Derek need an actual legal wedding not just post-its

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