Heroes Review: "Once Upon A Time In Texas"

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For loyal, long-time viewers, this week's episode of Heroes was a trip down memory lane.

While it was fun to visit Odessa again, and to be reunited with old friends (Hi, Isaac!), it was also a painful reminder of just how great this series used to be. Homecoming? Isaac's painting? Save the Cheerleader, Save the World?

Ah, the good ol' days of tight, gripping storytelling.

Charlie and Hiro Kiss

Charlie and Hiro K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Discuss this episode in our Heroes forum!

Last night's installment, though, served a very important purpose: it shed light on Samuel's grand plan and it gave the season a direction. That's all we've asked for from Heroes: a sensible plot that builds momentum and brings characters together for a common cause. Again, think back to season one and the eventual meeting in NYC.

Only the most cynical critic would claim he isn't curious about what happens next on the show now. However, are we supposed to be sad that Mohinder was supposedly killed? Because I let out a cry of joy when I saw his body.

Follow our link to read all about the events in "Once Upon A Time In Texas" and to wonder about where the series goes from here.

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To those complaining about plot holes in Noah talking to Isaac: he was playing him. He knew what Sylar looked like, but manipulated and misled Isaac so he would paint where Sylar could be found so he could save his daughter.


This was one of the best episodes of all time. While Charlie and Hiro were awesome finally getting some, HRG's storyline showed just another aspect of his workaholic character. His family and himself come after The Company at this point in his life. As the season's progressed, he couldn't keep the pieces together and he loses his wife bla bla bla. HRG was my favorite person and how his storyline is shit. oh well heroes rules.


There was also a plot hole where season 1 footage showed HRG with Issac to find Sylar saying nobody knows what he looks like. Yet in Season 3 HRG was blamed for turning Sylar into a killer with Elle. Speaking of Sylar was good to see him playing the full bad guy we knew and loved from Season 1 again, but why would he believe Hiro and make a deal, should have just killed him and Charlie right then. Enjoyed it, best so far and nice to go back to that time but too also annoying in some ways, HRG affair too seems pointless but that will no doubt be covered later in the series


You just saw her for one episode and are already calling it b***shit? This is called character developing. You start with the introduction of a character and later turns to play an important role. I believe she will have an important role in the future.


I do not like the bullshit they're doing with HRG and the almost affair. I'm calling it now, the bitch didn't use the Haitian. Heroes was a good show but has been sucking shitstains from bus terminal floors since the end of Season 1.

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