Jennie Garth Criticizes 90210 Storyline, Mum on Kelly's Future

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Unlike the awkward integration of Brenda and Donna on 90210, Jennie Garth's Kelly has fit in nicely at West Beverly.

She has a sister on the show, she's a guidance counselor and she's teased a relationship with Ryan Matthews.

Most recently, though, Kelly's role on the series has been to seemingly get in between Debbie and Harry. There was even a rumor going around that she'd have an affair with the principal.

But Garth has made it clear that isn't gonna happen. She told E! News this week:

"I'm not a big fan of that storyline. It's just bizarre and weird... I don't think it's going to go anywhere. I'm not going to let Kelly be a homewrecker, so there's no place for it to really go."

Kelly and the Wilsons

So, what is in store for Kelly? Garth has no idea.

"I have absolutely zero knowledge of what is in store for Kelly at this point. You know more than me."

Got any storyline suggestions for Kelly? Share them now in our 90210 forum! Meanwhile, fans can look forward to the following storylines on future 90210 episodes:

  • Someone will to try to commit suicide.
  • The truth about Jen and Liam is revealed on episode 11.
  • Dixon's birth mother returns.
  • Debbie flirts with her yoga instructor.

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Couldn't agree more, Jason. What's even more interesting is that the Kelly character on the original series really took off when she started sneaking around with her best friend's boyfriend. Obviously Brenda and Dylan weren't married and didn't have a home, per se, but it's still essentially the same thing. I feel like Kelly/Jennie similarly ignored the character's own past when she got so upset about Brenda sleeping with Ryan, even though it was exactly what Kelly had done to Brenda, but whatever.


Hey about remembering that this is a "nighttime soap opera" where anything can happen. Kelly is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER, and you don't own the rights to her. You're not writing the scripts, and there's not a lot of direction for your counselor to go, other than to become entangled in an illicit affair. Stop talking such nonsense about "not wanting to be a homewrecker." THIS IS FICTION....ESCAPISM TV.....NOT REALITY...get a clue, chick.

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