Jessica Stroup Spills 90210 Death Details

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While 90210 fans are still buzzing over the upcoming relationship between Adrianna and Gia, another major development is on the way (spoiler alert!):

On the November 17 episode, an original Beverly Hills, 90210 cast member will pass away, as Jackie Taylor succumbs to breast cancer.

Star Jessica Stroup (Silver) spilled the storyline details in an interview this week with TV Guide Magazine. Below, she speaks on what will unravel over the next few weeks.

On reconciliation between Silver and Jackie: Silver tries to build a relationship. She moves in with her. Her mom actually recreates all the birthdays and special moments that she missed because of her alcoholism. It’s really sweet, with Silver being the parent.

Silver and Jackie

On Kelly's reaction: Kelly’s had more time being let down by Jackie and has built up more resentment and hatred. She has given up on reconciliation and doesn’t want to deal with her mom’s condition. But in the hospital, Kelly walks into an empty hospital room and thinks she’s lost her chance to say goodbye. This wakes her up and makes her realize she has to say goodbye.

On future relationships for Silver: Teddy will be able to relate to her because we’ll find out that he’s gone through something similar in his own life. He’ll be there for her, and a little spark happens between them that’s sort of out of the blue.

And we learn Dixon goes to the funeral. This will bring them back together when he comes to her. He’ll realize that maybe he misses her as more than just a friend. So "Sixon" may not be done!

Sixon? We love it!

Do you wanna see Silver end up with Dixon? Or are you digging her flirtation these days with Teddy?

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Silver and Teddy all the way!!!! I know lots of people like Sixon....but I don't!! Dixon's thing with Sasha was just weird...and Dixon isn't playing fair by ruining things for Teddy and's just soo selfish! I like Teddy waaayy better!!


Bring back Sixon!


I LOVE silver and teddy together! i am a tilver lover! i dnt care what the rest of you say. Lucci, u are so right!!!


I think Dixon and Silver are a great couple, but there are many differences between them and sometimes Dixon always take their own decisions without wanting to listen to explanations from silver
for example, when Dixon learned that Ethan kissing silver, Dixon does not want to listen to the real reason, and he immediately took the decision to separate from silver, very selfish.
and for silver and teddy I think they could be suitable lovers, but not for a long time.
I am more interested in finding a new boy to be a true love for silver. More could understand her and have in common, more handsome, young, and have the interest to be a blogger just like silver in the season I


SIXON! SIXON! SiXON! Dixon knows he loves SILVER!


Teddy/Silver are adorable


dixon/silver looks like made for each other.. and dixon is damn kool... the way he smile, the way he talk is so freaking awsome ..
i want them back!!! they r soul mates


I definatly love silver and teddy. i totally hate sixon. i dont like dixon that much


I think she should go for Dixon. 90210 Season 2 hasn't started up yet in Ireland (where I'm from), but I've seen his picture, and he's like, bleah! Fug-lay! Dixon's so much cuter


*squee* Silver and Dixon 4EVA. Silver and Dixon had tons in common. They were both originally outsiders. Also they both had unstable families. Silver's mom is no model how to be a good parent. And Dixon grew with a mentally ill mother and went arounf foster home to foster home until he met the Wilsons, that is plenty in common!!! DO SIXON!!!!!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.