Matt Lanter Spills 90210 Relationship Secrets, Spoilers

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A few months ago, before he was even a regular 90210 cast member, the TV Fanatic staff talked exclusively to Matt Lanter.

Now, TV Guide Magazine has followed our lead. The publication spoke to the actor that plays Liam this week, asking him about his character's future on The CW hit. A few excerpts follow...

On Liam's future: There is a stranger from Liam’s past that comes back into his life. He has a strong influence on him so I think there’s some rough stuff coming up for Liam and this character.

On a reconciliation with Naomi: They’re kind of each other’s kryptonite. We’re going to see them go through some ups and downs but I’m hoping they’re going to be a strong couple.

What about Ivy? When Liam and Naomi start to talk things out after the whole Jen thing, Ivy is a little bit jealous. She doesn’t really want to give Liam up yet.

Liam the Loner

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sexxxyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!! mARRRY ME !!!!!!!!!!


Matt is the worst actor on the show! He's out of shape and has a huge nose. He's so vacant as an actor, like he's there but nobody is home. So one level. Just watch anything he was in, all just blah, he's probably a nice guy but he should of stayed in reality tv. Manhunt was it?


ivy is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! choooo liam! plenty of guys r waiting!!!!!!


WTF Ivy get lost!!!!!! Liomi is LOVE.


I absolutely love liam's character and glad that they kicked out ethan. LOL. I just hope he has better storylines coming up.. and I do hope he keeps his "bad boy" attitude..


ya about the stranger i think it's going to be liam's dad too. about naomi they really deserve a seconde chance .. about the joulesy i think these is going to be soo good ... now i think all the evnets is going to happen all in the same time it could make the series excited cuz you won't know what you should be concentrating about mostly .. " naomi is going to be stuck between liam's past thing and ivy " that's what i think and i hope sooo toooo in a seconde thought he might be his friend or his bro
but who know
he must be family though


Maybe Liam's dad will appear?


a question.
as the success of 90210 is in use?
I read some hearings and are low but others say the series is open bieny third season, which is the truth?? liam rocks

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.