NeNe Leakes Gets Into Shape

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NeNe Leakes is getting herself into shape.

Not mentally, come on. The Real Housewife of Atlanta is still a bit unstable.

But she's featured in a new OK! Weekly article, explaining her new diet and work-out regimen.

“My trainer [Tammy Stokes,] has taught me to eat breakfast. She said, ‘NeNe, you have to bite something in the morning to get your metabolism going.’ So I’ve learned to do that, and it works.

“Then I eat my lunch: lots of salads with chicken,” she added. “I love to go out to eat for dinner, [but] I never order an entrée. The portion sizes today are very large. So I’ll order an appetizer.”

Words to live by. NeNe almost looks... normal.

Getting Into Shape

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She can train 24/7. Each day she still looks like an ugly arss gorilla with a BIG mouth. She's disgusting.


Its about time NeNe does something about that 'figure' of hers. She had the nerve to say she was a size 10..where on your pinky finger? If shes less than a size 16 Ill kiss her huge azz! Those saggy mommy arms and boobs she always put out on display need some help! Girl get a stylist, trainer, nutritionist, something cuz as much as you hate on people you really have no room to talk. Clean your own house before you speak on how messy someone elses is...Tacky messy ghetto trashy heffa!