Sons of Anarchy Review: "Fa Guan"

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If the rift between Jax and Clay reached a boiling point last week, it became a full-fledged inferno this week.

Or, at least that's the way Jax sees is as the Club's main source of revenue goes up in flames. Will the crew rise from the ashes, and if it does, will Jax still be there with them? Check out a full recap of "Fa Guan" and then our review below...
What Worked: Bobby's Banana Bread
Is there anything this guy can't do? He's suave with the ladies, he's kept a cool head during the tension between Clay and Jax, he found leverage to use against the judge and now he not only makes banana bread, but serves it while it's still warm!

What Didn't: Jax's Pudding
If the proof is in the pudding, then Jax's pudding must be lacking consistency. Normally the most thoughtful SAMCRO member, Jax spent the entire episode seeing Clay's hand in everything, from the porn star bust to the fire at Kara Kara.

Fa Guan Scene

What Really Worked: New Couple Alert: Opie and Lyla
This budding romance was christened with the sweetest kisses in the history of porn (even if their kids were none too thrilled). The romance has been built up nicely and hopefully it will help bring Opie back from the dark place he's inhabited since Donna's murder.

What Really Didn't: New Couple Alert: Gemma and Unser
Look, perhaps Gemma can't tell anyone except Unser about the inner turmoil she's gone through since her rape at the hands of AJ Weston, but c'mon. Get a support group or something, Gemma. Gemma needs to get back to being the strong, independent Head Old Lady of SAMCRO and Unser isn't going to get her there.

What Really, Really Worked: Lines
Two dynamite lines in tonight's episode. The first, from Jax, came as a retort to Clay's attempts to lay the blame of Luanne's death at his feet: "You are really gonna stand there and lay the guilt of a dead wife on me?" It marked the second time in as many episodes that Jax has come thisclose to publicly outing Clay for his role in Donna's murder. Only this time, Bobby picked up on it. He can't be too far off from putting the pieces together.

Deputy Hale also got in a good one, telling Clay "I know the greater devil when I see it." Hale is smart - he knows exactly who he's dealing with when it comes to both Zobelle and Clay. He's not going to let Zobelle use him to run Clay out of town, but he is smart enough to help SAMCRO against Zobelle.

What Really, Really Didn't: Cracks
This episode set the land speed record for most gratuitous male ass shots. Look, Sons of Anarchy - I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most of your viewers are men. We have male asses. We can see them anytime we want. So if you are going to note that there will be nudity in the episode, let's make it of the fairer sex, okay? Jeez - two prostitution stings and the last hurrah of Kara Kara and the final score was Full Male Ass 3, G-String Females 2. That's a loss in my book.

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Great review, although I, like my fellow commentators, wouldn't be so quick as you are to assume the SOA viewership is exclusively or primarily male. My mother, sister, and I are all devoted fans AND smokin' hot ladies. Gratuitous male ass shots? Is there such a thing? Considering that particularly this season has featured regular shots from the inner sanctum of a porn studio (scratch that - two porn studios), I'd hardly call the cameos of a few male derrieres gratuitous. In fact, I'd call them insufficient - in number and frequency, not content, of course. The large majority of nudity shown in tv and film tends to focus on women's bodies. It gets a little old for us to always have to see "gratuitous" T&A shots, whether naked or not, of body parts WE have - now you know what it feels like! Besides, let's all just be honest and agree that the guys on the show have really cute asses. No true SOA fan should fault you or challenge your manhood for admitting the obvious. And the ladies might like you more for it.


Heh. Seems like your complaint about the male asses is totally outnumbered, my friend. I, too, am a rabid Sons fan (I even use the show in my classroom, if you can believe that), and I have no problem whatsoever with the views we're offered. Here's what I'm really wondering, though; did Chuck escape the warehouse fire? If he did, then he's got a story to tell, and what's really going to matter is to whom he goes with this information. If he goes to Jax with it, the outcome is going to be totally different than if he takes it to Clay. I'm eagerly awaiting next Tuesday...


Sorry dudes, you're not the only gender watching this show..I am prettttyyyyy sure all the ladies will welcome ass shots(or anything else) and especially from Jax!!!...So typical, the MEN are thinking of only themselves..Relax boys-you should be a bit tougher rather than letting a little "nudity" bother you...


are you kidding?! ive been a borderline psychotic fan since season 1 started ; im a 24 year old woman. my fiance is in the army at basic training for the next few months -SO- any and every shirtless / ass shot of an extremely sexy man is amazinggg! charlie hunnam [jax] is mmm mmm good to look at w/ or w/out clothes.


ladies watch this show too! i have watched it since day one and thoroughly enjoy it. the ass shot banked. the ladies are tuning in. it ain't a boy's club!


With more and more wives getting into the show, I think the views were nice! Although you guys could have had all female shots you wanted, I'm happy with just the Jax shot, nom...nomnomnom....

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