Team Vampire Diaries vs. Team True Blood: Stars Weigh In!

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Forget Team Edward vs. Team Jacob for a moment.

TV Guide Magazine recently asked a handful of actresses to weigh in on Team Vampire Diaries vs. Team True Blood. Which is their favorite vampire show and why? Find out now...

Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse): “I got sucked into True Blood. The writing is so different and bizarre. It’s a good mix of violent and funny.”

Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory): “Neither. True Blood grosses me out. It’s too dark for me. The weird wacky world I’m into is Harry Potter.”

Frightened Vampires
Bill, True Blood

Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost/V): “All those vampires are hot. True Blood’s vampires are pretty hot, but at the same time, I love Nina (Dobrev, who plays Elena) from Vampire Diaries. I met her at Comicon and can’t think of a sweeter girl.”

Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter): “My friend is the show runner on Vampire Diaries, so I have to choose that.”

Kathryn Morris (Cold Case): "I'm going to have to say True Blood because we've had a few wacky guest appearances from those actors on our show."

Now, we need to hear from our readers: Which team are you on?

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VD and True Blood are both great shows, but VD definitely wins! I hate when people say that VD is the "kiddie" version of True Blood. First of all, it's nothing like True Blood so there's no need to compare it. Second of all, you think putting a graphic sex scene five times per episode along with a lot of cussing makes it more mature? VD still has sex and "bad" language, it's just that they keep it clean. And honestly, I respect a show that can keep it clean and still be incredibly great. The writing in Vampire Diaries is witty, the characters are complex, and they are certainly not afraid to kill off a character. Also, for those of you who say that True Blood is gory, that's definitely true, but so is Vampire Diaries. Or does someone's heart getting ripped out of their chest not merit any credit?


I watch both shows but true blood wins every time for me. I love the writing of it and how dark it is and the whole bill sookie romance is a lot more believable for me as it isn't so perfect, i hate how people always say TB is for adults though, because i'm in high school and this is by far my favourite show on tv the now.


this goes to melinda:
Tara is not a slut, what has she done that can label her as a slut?, absolutely nothing.
And you say that the actors for sookie and bill's character do not have chemistry, that is a bunch of bull crap. They showcase the undying love and devotion in the relationship. Any one who has seen the show would agree with me when I say you feel sorry for thee characters for what they are going through.
Vampire diaries is just another gossip girl except with vampires.


I've watched both shows True Blood and Vampire Diaries and you have to judge them on different levels. True Blood is simply about the sex and since I am a reader of the adult graphic erotic horror genre like Laurell K hamilton and Morgan Hawke I can say this with certainty. The problem with True Blood is that while it is sexually graphic it lacks horror. They barley kill anyone on the show. The first season the only serial kiler was human and the second it was some weird ancient diety killing people you never saw. The first episode of vampire diares was slow but they have grown exponentially the horror, the love triangle, morbidity and flashbacks and don't get too attached to anyone they could be dead next week. Ive even come to understand Katherine with her history explained when she was to be the main villain. True Blood has stagnated which is insane because it is on HBO they are not working under censorship. True Blood needs to have vampires do what they do best which is kill, bring some killing werevolves, and deadly demons. Stop holding onto characthers start killing them off that town is becoming crowded. A HBO horror show should be just that horrific. True Blood is a great small town drama show that I'm not scared to watch because they lack morbidity, I know everyone will still be alive at the end of the season. HBO wake up your losing and a cute master vampire and queen won't save you.


Trueblood hands down the vampire diaries is boring as shit . vampires dont walk in the daylight faggot ass show . TRUE Blood has better story lines and lots of gore something the vampire diaries lack .


True blood is way better thn vampire diaries!! vampire diares is nothing but a teen show about un traditional vampires... while true blood is awesome it has all the key points that a show needs.


okay !! i gotta join this conversation cause you true blood fans are killing me!!! on how you compare it to vampire diaries? true is for adults? are you shitting me? im 27 years old so please.... give me a break! ok true blood is a good show but its not sooooo good on how you all make it out to be. u want a GREAT show? watch 24 and then get back to me. thats a show that has neally everything. action, drama, thriller, love, sex(clean) but lets get back on topic. true blood vs vampire diaries. vampire diaries for me! cw are doing a fantastic job! vampire diaries has alot less sex scenes and violence. and yet.. vampire diaries made over a million more than true blood on the finale. lol. which is saying alot. i can't even remember the true blood finale of season 1 which tells me alot too. and so what if true blood is more realistic!! neither of them are!! its a vampire series! lol. end of the day.... vampire diaries wins.. cause the cast are better to look at. c'mon! elena is alot hotter then sookie? sook? she's really annoying! sookiie is a sook. at the start of the show i thought she was cute but now i actually wouldnt mind if they killed the charecter. and true blood doesn't have evil brother damon that brings comedy and he's unpredictable. and the show does leave me with wanting more. its a fun to watch!! true blood isnt fun.. or funny.. just gothic and kind of sad... v.diaries has sad bits too but.. its different... and wen i mean different i mean better. ye i said it! BETTER! lol.


You are all talking about which books are better which is totally unrelated because most stories are altered quite a bit when they are brought to the silver-screen - big or small. Fact is, True Blood has better writing. And True Blood has more graphic sex because it's on HBO and it can. Vampire Diaries is on the CW so it can't. If HBO took VD and CW took TB, VD probably would have been the better show--not because of the sex but because of the writing. Like I said the quality of the books is totally unrelated--at least in this argument. With that said, Twilight is sexist preachy horse-$hit--I don't care who is responsible for adapting it.


I have to say Vampire Diaries. Sorry guys. I don't find True Blood relatable. It way to far-fetched for my liking. Firstly, L. J. Smith’s novels predate Twilight and the True Blood books by at least 10 years. And I don’t understand why everybody loves the Sookie Stackhouse books! I read the first two and was extremely bored, just like Twilight. In True Blood Sookie loves Bill, but it's slightly a peculiar love given that his blood saved her life and may have entranced her towards him, perhaps. In Vampire Diaries Elena has a classic love story, and what girl wouldn't want two hot siblings vying for her love? Vampire Diaries is a True Blood meets 90210 show, which makes it enjoyable. Not to gory, yet not sappy either. I have to admit that Vampire Diaries has way to many beautiful people living in Mystic Falls, but who’s complaining. I think the pilot for Vampire Diaries was a bit bland, but as it progressed the series seriously hit a major stride. To all those who are saying that CW is a network for teenager, here are the statistics. CW targets audience from 18-49. Yes, that might be the youngest age range out of all the networks, but come on guys, my 48 year old mother watches it with me. And if you dare say that she has bad taste, then you have something coming to you, because that’s plain insulting. She ENJOYS the show. Also I don’t understand why everybody loves the Sookie Stackhouse books! I read the first two and was extremely bored, just like Twilight. The rating for the season finale of Vampire Diaries was 3.48 million. True Blood’s season one finale only rated at 2.5 million.


true blood for me, anne rice' vampire chronicles is THE vampire book and not vampire diaries. I think trueblood is closer to anne rice' vampires thank any other contemporary vampire novels. Well yeah it has a lot of sex in it but after a few episodes you'll get used to it and see it as an essential part of the storyline.

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