Team Vampire Diaries vs. Team True Blood: Stars Weigh In!

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Forget Team Edward vs. Team Jacob for a moment.

TV Guide Magazine recently asked a handful of actresses to weigh in on Team Vampire Diaries vs. Team True Blood. Which is their favorite vampire show and why? Find out now...

Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse): “I got sucked into True Blood. The writing is so different and bizarre. It’s a good mix of violent and funny.”

Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory): “Neither. True Blood grosses me out. It’s too dark for me. The weird wacky world I’m into is Harry Potter.”

Frightened Vampires
Bill, True Blood

Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost/V): “All those vampires are hot. True Blood’s vampires are pretty hot, but at the same time, I love Nina (Dobrev, who plays Elena) from Vampire Diaries. I met her at Comicon and can’t think of a sweeter girl.”

Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter): “My friend is the show runner on Vampire Diaries, so I have to choose that.”

Kathryn Morris (Cold Case): "I'm going to have to say True Blood because we've had a few wacky guest appearances from those actors on our show."

Now, we need to hear from our readers: Which team are you on?

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true blood forever. it's hands down the best. don't speak if you haven't finish watching at least season one, because i spent 3 days watching both seasons in one sitting, no sleep, no joke. anyway, vampire diaries is for kids, true blood is for adults, or at least college ppl. vampire diaries is on CW, like gossip girls, so its for kids in high school and below. true blood is on HBO it's for real people.


i have to say v.d because every episode leaves u wanting more and i havent watched true blood but if every episode isnt great and leaving u want more its not better and from wat i hear t.b is just mostly sex,v.d all the way


True Blood is for adults. Vampire Diaries is for children and people who still watch CW shows past the age of 21. Enough said.


it that a joke true blood is only about sex thats it . who new the undead love to f*** all the time . the vampire diaries all the way !!!


Doesn't matter if the vampire diaries books came out before the twilight saga, Twilight became more popular because its a better book. I like Twilight a lot, Vampire Diaries is one of my newest addictionsss... buttttt TRUE BLOOD Honestly puts every vampire story to shame. I watched true blood with my brother and I just didn't get into it... I watched 3 episodes i think. But it got to a certain point where I was so hooked that I literally couldn't go to sleep before I finished the season. and than their was season 2. Lol. I Think if you haven't watched/or have watched the first 2 episodes only of True Blood, I RECOMMEND You try to finish the season and than come back here and tell me you honestly didn't like it. lol. It will honestly be like a drug 4 u. Im shaking because I can't wait for season 3 too premiere lol. jk.


Okay for all you true blood people out there, i understand why you would like True Blood better, i enjoy the show as well but Vampire Diaries has more of a "Fun Factor" i love both shows please don't get me wrong. But you guys have to understand the fact that Vampire Diaries was a book way before Twilight even thought about coming out of the shawdows! Vampire Diaries was the Original vampire book, it was publised in 1991 and Twilight as out in 2005! I think True Blood is alittle more frightning for viewers, but it is if you are the dark, scary type ir more of a romantic type. your choice!
Remeber vampire Diaries is MUCH better!!! True blood is OKAY still.


True Blood all the way! Vampire Bill is the hottest thing on television EVER! Stephen Moyer is beyond gorgeous and makes the sexiest vampire of all time.
The Vampire Diaries has pretty vampires but they are no match for the lovely Bill Compton.


tb 4 ever :D


I'm totally team True Blood! It's a fabulous show - so funny, so creepy, with a kick-ass love story between Bill and Sookie, wacky side characters like Lafayette and Arlene, and tons of Southern-fried drama for the humans, vamps and shifters alike. Looking forward to season 3 in summer 2010.


I like both shows, they both have good qualities in their own right. TB brings out the sexual side of vampires while VD takes a more inocent aproach to the topic. I also would like to say that it is a work of fiction so calling people names over which they like better just makes you look ignorant. ITS JUST A SHOW so all of you need to grow up and get the HECk over it.

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