Team Vampire Diaries vs. Team True Blood: Stars Weigh In!

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Forget Team Edward vs. Team Jacob for a moment.

TV Guide Magazine recently asked a handful of actresses to weigh in on Team Vampire Diaries vs. Team True Blood. Which is their favorite vampire show and why? Find out now...

Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse): “I got sucked into True Blood. The writing is so different and bizarre. It’s a good mix of violent and funny.”

Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory): “Neither. True Blood grosses me out. It’s too dark for me. The weird wacky world I’m into is Harry Potter.”

Frightened Vampires
Bill, True Blood

Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost/V): “All those vampires are hot. True Blood’s vampires are pretty hot, but at the same time, I love Nina (Dobrev, who plays Elena) from Vampire Diaries. I met her at Comicon and can’t think of a sweeter girl.”

Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter): “My friend is the show runner on Vampire Diaries, so I have to choose that.”

Kathryn Morris (Cold Case): "I'm going to have to say True Blood because we've had a few wacky guest appearances from those actors on our show."

Now, we need to hear from our readers: Which team are you on?

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TRUE BLOOD IS ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS. I absolutely hate scifi shit, and when I started watching it I thought that I it was going to be dumb... Honestly, I thought twilight was a good movie, beforeee I discovered True Blood. TRUE BLOOD PUTS ALL THOSE OTHER DUMB VAMPIRE SAPPY LOVE STORIES TO SHAME. After the first episode I was hooked. As the season progressed I coudln't stop watching it. When it was over I watched it 5 more times while waiting for season 2. I introduced it to all of my friends and they are all hooked as well.
True blood is far and beyond an original show, and vampire diaries is NOT. But, it is true that True Blood is a mature show. who cares if theres nudity and profanity?! THATS WHATS DIFFERENT ABOUT THE SHOW. the first season started out with a lot of it, but as it progresses it gets much better. DON'T JUDGE TRUE BLOOD UNLESS YOU HAVE WATCHED EVERY SINGLE EPISODE WITH AN OPEN MIND. MY GUESS IS THAT IF YOU "LOVEEEEE THE VAMP DIARIES" THEN IT'S BECAUSE YOU'VE WATCHED ALL THE EPISODES, AND STOPPED ONE OR TWO INTO TRUE BLOOD. YOU GOTTA ACTUALLY GIVE IT A CHANCE. ONCE YOU GET INTO IT, YOU'LL NEVER BE THE SAME. TRUE BLOOD CHANGED MY LIFE!! FUCK YES!!!!!!!


You Dumbass. Look at the top of the screen, it's a TB vs crappy CW show website. It's a place for TB fans to battle little kids, like you. VD is a show for little kids. If you don't like true blood, you're probably 7 years old and you just aren't intelligent enough yet to appreciate well thought out shows like TB. VD might have it's moments but really, its like comparing crap (VD) to caviar (TB).


Vampire Diaries is for little babies...Grow up already! True Blood has more interesting story lines which are not PREDICTABLE like VD and Twilight.Seriously Twilight has no real plot.I was hooked up for like a month but it hit me after seeing the movie...It sucks!!!PEOPLE---Kristen Stewart doesn't know how to act..From the whole cast I thought only Robert Pattinson brought a somewhat a good performance, NOT because he's hot according to everybody else(i don't think he's that hot),BUT because he's british and they participate in plays at schools(I'm not a Brit)and can put up a good performance....Oh and I agree with Stephen King about the books(NO PLOT...TOTALLY PREDICTABLE)....although true blood books are not sth holy(I prefer the show)..they have a damn better plot than the twilight books... ....Oh and I almost forgot...VD???You gotta be kidding me it sounds like Venereal Diesease.....hahahha...Probobly they'll all get it....


I've watched every single vampire television show starting with Dark Shadows all the way to the present which includes The Vampire Diaries & True Blood and they were all unique in their own way.
My all time favorite though is Moonlight but I'm a fan of both show The Vampire Diaries and True Blood.


wow...well...i like both i guess i'm a rarity... true blood is my favorite...eric and pam...just fantastic...but damon on vampire diaries is a great character as well...i think both shows are pretty entertaining...they are just two different type of shows about vampires... to me twilight is the crappy vampire story going around...but that's just me...


True Blood is for mature audiences ... sure, they have some good and original scripts going on but OMG, the sex and nudity is just overwhelming and darn uncomfortable.


The Vampire diaries everyday... true blood is gross! OL


If you LOVE TB so much WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU ON A VAMPIRE DIARIES FANSITE?! That doesn't make any sense..the storylines in TB are awful, bad written and the vampire world of TB is weird! I love VD because there is so much more behind and I HATE TWILIGHT! I think Buffy and The Vampire Diaries are the best vampire stories written in history and TB ONLY SUCKS!! The LOVE in VD is REAL and SPECIAL you can feel the chemistry and the sparks but in TB it's only about SEX .. there's nothing else real was only made to shock people and scare them!


Seriously Vampire Diaries is for teens and kids in which is so similar to Twilight. This bores me to death and hey grow up already. Enough teen love and fantasy. TRUE BLOOD is a ZILLION times better than Vampire Diaries. No offense but I really really love TRUE BLOOD. Both seasons of TRUE BLOOD are extremely amazing. I get hooked watching TRUE BLOOD since the first time I watched the first episode where Sookie and Bill met. Alan Ball is a an amazing director. The casts of TRUE BLOOD are so awesome and I'm totally absorbed to the TRUE BLOOD show. And I really love Alexander Skarsgard. He's my favourite actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The couple in TB had no chemistry AT ALL..It was just so boring and the tried to cover it with a lot of blood and sex but still it was BORING! And Bill is the ugliest vampire I saw in history!!
Vampire Diaries is exciting and fun and has a REAL INTERESTING STORY..Damon and Stefan are sexy as hell and Elena is a really great character so as Bonnie and Caroline and Matt, I LOVE THEM ALL! TB is only about SEX SEX SEX..people don't talk they only F*** it's really getting boring! Sookie is damn stupid and her acting sucks, Tara is a total slut and so on..HATE IT!

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