Team Vampire Diaries vs. Team True Blood: Stars Weigh In!

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Forget Team Edward vs. Team Jacob for a moment.

TV Guide Magazine recently asked a handful of actresses to weigh in on Team Vampire Diaries vs. Team True Blood. Which is their favorite vampire show and why? Find out now...

Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse): “I got sucked into True Blood. The writing is so different and bizarre. It’s a good mix of violent and funny.”

Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory): “Neither. True Blood grosses me out. It’s too dark for me. The weird wacky world I’m into is Harry Potter.”

Frightened Vampires
Bill, True Blood

Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost/V): “All those vampires are hot. True Blood’s vampires are pretty hot, but at the same time, I love Nina (Dobrev, who plays Elena) from Vampire Diaries. I met her at Comicon and can’t think of a sweeter girl.”

Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter): “My friend is the show runner on Vampire Diaries, so I have to choose that.”

Kathryn Morris (Cold Case): "I'm going to have to say True Blood because we've had a few wacky guest appearances from those actors on our show."

Now, we need to hear from our readers: Which team are you on?

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I saw the first episode of True Blood and thought it was boring. I didnt get into the characters at all. I like Anna Paquin but her character is a bit annoying and I think Bill is way too old for a vamp.I am all for the Vampire Diaries!! I love the characters and the story lines are great. I hope it stays around for a long time.


oh and just two words: Alexander Skarsgard TRUE BLOOD FTMFW!


Vampire Diaries is for kids , just like twilight. Nothing beats the True Blood universe where vampires and humans live together in society


There's absolutely no doubt: True Blood is way more original!! Not puritan like many american shows, discussing issues as religion, racism, sex... It had its own identity, is different from the book!! Excellent season 2.


I have seen the first episode of True Blood and I didn't think it was great. TEAM VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!


there's no match , vampire diaries is another teen drama , about vampires ,created to take twilight fans , true blood is a brillant tv show , with a great cast , anna paquin in primis, and one of the best director in hollywood , alan ball, true blood is a mix of susapnce , horror , splatter , trash but also humor ecc... and one of the best show in years , i repeat , no match , true blood is 1000000000000000 better.

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