Three More Clips: "The Last Days of Disco Stick"

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We posted three sneak previews of "The Last Days of Disco Stick" yesterday. Now we've got three more clips from Monday's Gossip Girl for you today!

In the first clip, the awkwardness of last week's threesome is palpable in a conversation between the girls of Dan Humphrey, Olivia and Vanessa ...

[video url="" title="The Last Days of Disco Stick Sneak Preview #4"] [/video]

Follow the jump for two more previews and find out what Rufus, Lily, Jenny, Serena and Tripp are up to (at least in the beginning) of this episode ...

[video url="" title="The Last Days of Disco Stick Sneak Preview #5"] [/video]

[video url="" title="The Last Days of Disco Stick Sneak Preview #6"] [/video]

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oh i need more chuck bass and im loving jenny humphrey a whole lot better this season and she is soooooo pretty i actually perferred her and nate there was a sweet innocence to that relationship that could of been explored ,need more chair and im curious with d and v we'll see lol


Eve and SerenVDW: I agree with Eve about the shadow part. Most of the hardships SerenVDW mentioned are ones that the writers have put into the show that weren't in the books anyway. I think most of the issues with Blair from the beginning, if you are only taking the show into consideration, stem from the fact that she always felt like she was in Serena's shadow no matter how hard she tried. I think she always felt that way because Serena is effortlessly beautiful (well, at least she used to be, but I think she is very unattractive without her blond hair) and seems to attract attention more easily because she is tall and blond. In the books Serena has a perfect family and is effortlessly beautiful, which is why she is so free-spirited and fun and nice. In the show, I don't think the writers have thought that much into Serena's motivation. They just revert to simple stereotypes to make Serena seem like the good person and Blair seem like the bad person, even though it is never tha simple in real life.


SerenaVDW: You left out that Blair's mom always criticized her, she was living in Serena's shadow, and that even her own boyfriend seemed to favor S over her.


Blair's hardships come from an eating disorder and from her father becoming gay. But she still has a loving father. Serena's life has been equally hard or even more. Her mom was never there, her father abandoned her, her brother tried to kill himself, she went through a very dark phase with drugs and alcohol. Blair is always jealous of her, which annoys me because they are supposed to be friends. And Blair always treats S as if she was spoiled, when the cry baby is actually Blair. I mean, I find her character funny but Serena is more down to earth and believable for me. Of course I find Leighton is a better actress. But if I had to chose to be Serena or Blair, I would definitely choose S. People like her, I don't care if she deserves what she gets, but being likeable is a good quality. On the other hand, Blair annoys most of the people around her. I still don't know how Chuck, of all guys, can deal with her. "Chuck Bass doesn't do girlfriends" and still she got the most demanding, obnoxious one.


The third reason I hate Serena AND Blair right now: #3) The writers are trying to make her into something she is not: I can NOT believe they actually tried to say Tripp wants to be with Serena because he finds her “intelligent.� Serena has not acted intelligently all season—none of the characters have. But at least Blair and Jenny used to be intelligent; Serena never was. That’s why people always told her in the books that she was not living up to her potential because all she wants to do is have fun and party. Yes, many guys want to have sex with Serena, because she is clearly not at all particular about who she sleeps with, but not every guy in the world is actually that interested in one girl, let alone someone as boring and obnoxious as Serena. I would believe this more if Tripp was a slimy politician who was telling poor naive Serena she is intelligent so that he could sleep with her. But the whole “Serena is so interesting and sexy and intelligent even though the writers can’t make it believable AT ALL� bit is really played out. Either Blake Lively is a really bad actress or the writers suck beyond belief. Either way, stop trying to act like Serena somehow deserves everything she gets because she is this intelligent, good person. The point of the whole freaking show is that she is effortlessly beautiful, has glided through life because of it, and these life circumstance have also happened to make her really nice and sweet, which people like in a socialite. Wouldn’t it make anyone that nice and sweet if people were constantly giving you things for being beautiful? Blair is more jaded and conniving because she hasn’t glided through life like Serena (see most of the interesting soliloquies and meaningful one-on-ones of season one). Hardships do that to you. They also make you more interesting, hence, Blair’s popularity as a character. That is why she was the STAR of the books!


The second reason I hate Serena right now: #2) She is going through way too many guys: It is unrealistic for the writers to try to get us to think that every guy in the world wants to date Serena and I really wish they would stop playing this cruel joke on us. This is soooo unrealistic and drives me crazy. Even Victoria’s Secret supermodels, who I might mention are MUCH more attractive and sexier than Serena, don’t get that much play. That’s because there are still those introverted intellectual snob guys who despise the sexy model types and refuse to date them in favor of someone “deeper.� You know those guys exist; that is how ugly girls got dates in high school, because those types of guys made fun of and (maybe unfairly) hated the “superficial� hot girls and actually gave unattractive, but probably more interesting girls a chance. But on top of that, Serena isn’t even hot lately (see #1), so this whole fantasy of EVERY f’ing guy she comes across dropping down on their knees to worship her is even more offensive.


UGH! Once again, Vanessa is boring and Serena is a huge slut! I will not give Vanessa and Olivia’s scene the dignity of being talked about, but I cannot help myself with Serena. But BLAKE LIVELY/ SERENA give nothing to the show!!!!! My Answers will come in three parts. Reason #1 why Serena is annoying and adds nothing to the show: #1) So many guys in love with her is entirely unbelievable: I am so sick of seeing all of these guys fawn all over Serena like this… First of all, her hair looks terrible lately and the dress form the video (I don’t care how trendy it is) is fugly. Serena wouldn’t turn heads on a normal NYC street looking like that let alone turn head in the UES. Where did her blond hair go? No one wants to see Blake Lively’s dirty brown roots. Let’s be honest for just one minute, because the long beautiful blond hair is the only thing about Blake Lively that made her character work on the show. It was like Blair’s headbands. It was part of her character. Serena was given attention because she possessed characteristics that appealed to the masses-long legs, fake boobs, a careless and fun personality, and beautiful blond hair. That’s the whole point: Serena has the life she has, is given the things she is given, because of those superficial attributes, not because she works for them. For the writers to try to get us to believe she would still receive or even deserve any of the attention she gets with dirty brown hair and shoulder pads is just ridiculous!


i really dont like jenny and neither that zack efron wannabe guy!!!
chuck looks normal!!!
vanessa is a bitch!!
olivia is hot!!!!!!!!!
and rufus and lilly look so cute together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by the way im excited to see the "HOMEBREAKER" that Serena is turning to!!!


Okay, can i just say that like it really upsets me when people are really judgemenetal about other sexual choices. Coz like tbh as long as nobody gets hurt do what you want. Like girls calling other girls "sluts" just cause they like sex and they have it with more than one guy, or they have it with a guy who is related to someone they dated once (and it BLAIRS case i swear she diddn't know but i might be wrong)it's really spitefull. Like Blair and Serena (in my opinion) are just sexually empowered.


I wish Serena and Tripp would just get together already, his wife is a scheming bitch and she could have totally ruined his campaign, there's so much chemistry between him and Serena and I wonder what Nate would have to say about it! I love the Lily, Rufus, Jenny scene, it makes me laugh everytime.

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