Gossip Girl Promos: "Treasure of Serena Madre"

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The first promo for "Treasure of Serena Madre," the next new episode of Gossip Girl airing in two weeks (November 30). No new episode next week.

As you can see, Serena's affair with Tripp doesn't stay secret for long. Our girl's bad decisions always have a way of becoming public knowledge.

How will this one play out? Your guess is as good as ours. Take a look at the promo below and tell us what you expect will happen when it does:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/treasure-of-serena-madre-promo/" title="Treasure of Serena Madre Promo"] [/video]

UPDATE: Follow the jump for an extended version of the promo. Did we hear somebody is pregnant? Tell us what you think of the longer version ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/treasure-of-serena-madre-promo-extended/" title="Treasure of Serena Madre Promo (Extended)"] [/video]

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The only guy Serena should be with on that show is Nate. Clearly they would go better then anyone, and its about time. Tripp is creepy and doesn't do it for me at all.. I want him gone!


I'm pretty sure it's Eleanor that's pregnant because in the books she gets pregnant, plus it's a great way to bring her character back. I wish it were Vanessa with Dan's baby though, that way they could get together. :)


Really guys? Think outside the box, Maybe it's Vanessa because she and her mom got in an argument and he just had a threesome with Dan and Olivia. Blair's mom and Lily are OLD I'm pretty sure the writers wouldn't make then pregnant and plus who would really care if they were pregnant? No one their both grown married women. Jenny is rules out because it would cause to much BS for the show having a 16 year old pregnant. That pretty rules out everyone only leaving Vanessa and Serena are the possible pregnant people, but all the guys Serena has been with why would they writers get her pregnant now? Plus it would be more interesting if Vanessa got pregnant.


I think it's Blair's Mom who is preggers, coz in the books Blair has a bro called Tyler, 8, and then her mom gets pregnant....but i don't no.........pissed dat i must wt 4 2 fkn weeks...wll i suppose only 1 week left...but...u no wat i mean.....dont ya?


jennys the pregers one if u pause it afta blair says it u c blond hair nd its not serenas cuz hers is darker


Serena is pregnant!!!! it says the treasure of the serena MADRE which mean mother
use your brain!!!!


Jenny last her appetite, because she finds out that her lil'bro was behind the public embarrassment at Cotillion (the way she looked at Eric and said: I last my appetite. It must be the reason!) And I hope Serena is pregnant by Carten Baizen :D (Although I don't see it happen, but it would be fun!) I think that Blair thinks that her mother is pregnant and that in the end Blair was wrong, and nobody is pregnant (to bad!) I wanna know what the letter of Serena's father said!! And GG needs a chairbaby! Haha


am i the only one who likes serena with trip?


agree phoebe, Vanessa should get pregnant from the threesome and dies while delivering the baby, that would make the show so epic!!!


i think vanessa should be pregnant from the threesome:D and serena should go for nate

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