"Treasure of Serena Madre" Sneak Previews

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Below are sneak previews of "Treasure of Serena Madre," the next new episode of Gossip Girl. It airs Monday, November 30, with a repeat this coming week.

At least we've got some good clips to tide us over, however. In the first, Chuck tells Nate about Serena being caught on a security camera. The jig is up ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/treasure-of-serena-madre-sneak-peek-1/" title="Treasure of Serena Madre Sneak Peek #1"] [/video]

Follow the jump for three more clips, including a hilarious conversation between Nate and Dan, Thanksgiving over at the van der Woodsens, and a discussion Serena has with Tripp, and leave us comments with what you think ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/treasure-of-serena-madre-sneak-peek-2/" title="Treasure of Serena Madre Sneak Peek #2"] [/video]

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/treasure-of-serena-madre-sneak-peek-3/" title="Treasure of Serena Madre Sneak Peek #3"] [/video]

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/treasure-of-serena-madre-sneak-peek-4/" title="Treasure of Serena Madre Sneak Peek #4"] [/video]

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this season is so boring!!!!!Some episodes have nothing to add at the story!And the characters are so messed up!Dan from lonely boy has become sex machine!This is not a development of his character.And now Dan with Vanessa?I think it is so "old news".I dont like Vanessa so much anyway.I find her character boring!!!Serena takes a year out to find herself?how?By being in a job where she has to date a lame actor or by taking a job because tripp is in love with her or whatever?It is ridiculous!and chuck and blair are together and i want them together but a little drama to remember us who chuck and blair is it will be good!




I'm waiting patiently for Serenate to happen...any day now!!!


because you are most diffently wasting your time. because one, when typing you only breath to stay alive. (sorry got cut off)
and the first sentence needs a why in it.
it's mean't to be "yea the show is fictonal so why waste your time calling a fictional character a whore."


@Blair fan yea the show is fictonal so waste your time calling a fictional character a whore. secondly fictional or not, or whether or not it's going to hurt the character. calling anyone or anything a whore is simply rude.
thirdly if you hating the writing so much why oh why do you bother watching? this is my last comment on this, for i believe that we can express what we like to, so if you liking calling fictional characters whores be my guest.

I am xoxo

my question is>georgina gone??i'm surprise that we cant see her nowhare in NYU o in GG after rufus getting married???so weird!


@Blair fan Please, you are being ridiculous. What's with the agressivity ? Never said this blog was only made for praising the show, buddy. All I did was voice my opinion on the matter at hand - being the incredible animosity and name-calling going for fictional characters. You can always say and express your distate for any of the girls or guys of the show, and all I did say was that you didn't need to be obtuse and insulting while doing so. Laura did, in fact, wrote down "Serena get off the show or do something interesting", and adressed Serena at some point (but then again, it may as well be a figure of speech). Does that means that an actress should get fired (however ludicrously high her pay may be) because of the immorality the character she PLAYS ? Of course it's not like those insults will hurt the actors or characters' feelings, but I think that it can accustom people to assimilate a situation a character went trough and generalise it. Stereotypes. If you love a married man (and I really don't think it is Serena's case...), you must be a homewrecking whore. Honesty is certainly the quality I seek the more in people, and I try to apply it myself. I don't care if a married man is having an affair, at least if the parts involved are honest about it. In this case, Tripp is getting divorced. Maureen knows of his affair (or, from what I saw, she does in 3x11). In the real world, sometimes a married man and the other woman do use honesty, but some wives don't want to see it and accept it, and they decide to go on with their lives, still married, as if they were never told a thing. A truth can hurt than a covered-up lie, but is needed. In the same way, I don't call a whore a girl who wants to sleep around with boys and is happy living that libertine lifestyle of hers. I abhorre hypocrisy. If a woman does sleep around and still plays the virginal role, I call her a whore, because she's not assuming what she is and is being just plain fake and manipulative. But as for the others, who like the thrill of seduction, are aware of it and make no motion to hide it ? I'm perfectly fine with it. Serena's friends and parents were aware of her lifestyle. The writers are making her struggle to be a greater person since her return in S1. They are the ones who should be less audiance-craving-slaves and rethink their storyline with more wisdom and a better sense of reality, I agree with you on that point. But to "get over it" ? Darling, I think you are the one who should. I voiced my opinion on some topics Laura brought, and I like to think I did it without offendind her and being overly agressive. And dropping off topic, Gulko's post perked my interest. TV shows, in my opinion, can only influence people who are too caught-up with it and don't possess a critical spirit (sorry if that does not make sense, but "un esprit critique" in French isn't a bad thing, it means you have a mind of your own and is capable to assess and analyse a situation and judge it, I heard that in English, "critic" is kind of pejorative). Critical and analysing people whom are, now I mention it, not the majority, but we I hope one day it wil =) Morality and ethics are values that can be different from one person to another, be criticized or dismissed, and with tremendous intelligence. Nietzsche, Des Esseintes (character of Huysmans most known novel, "A rebours"), the Marquis de Sade and the libertine pairing of members of nobility in "Les liaisons dangereuses", along with a horde of writers, poets, etc. proved it well enough. We all say stealing is bad. But does it matter when misery harassed you for long, and the only options left are to beg, steal or borrow ? What does dignity and misplaced honor do to a dead man ? Moral and ethics are biased concepts. (That's the epitome of paradox coming from someone as fiercely prideful and independant as me xD)


@Anne IN RESPONSE TO ANNE: Oh my GOD please give it a rest little miss sunshine!!! This blog is for people to discuss the show, which may or may not always be praise! This IS a fictional show, which means none of the "characters" are going to get their feelings hurt if we bash them. And if Blake Lively really thinks we are calling her a whore because of the character she plays (which I don’t think she does), then she should probably get out of acting altogether. And really many of us aren’t even bashing the character as much as we are bashing the writers for creating implausible or silly storylines that rely far too much on simple hook-ups to keep the story interesting and create little to no tension or well-developed story arcs. We crack on them because we care! Yes, Serena gets around on the show, but mostly it has just become excessive and ridiculous and the writers seem like they think the only way to get people to watch the show is by playing musical chairs with each character’s sexual partners. In response to those people who say we are just girl bashing, I would like to say this about my own comments: I do not bash the guys for their sexual histories as much as I do Serena for two reasons: First, the writers have never tried to paint the guys to be holier than thou the way they make Serena out to be,. She is always looking down sadly as if she is mourning her long lost virginity or something. And then she always has the nerve to sit there and be this “good� person around everyone (especially when Blair goes on one of her crazy, yet harmless rants and the writers make Blair seem like a power hungry weirdo and Serena this well-adjusted sage) as if she has never done anything stupid?! Yes, Blair has slept with a total of what, four guys on this show, two of whom were her boyfriends, but Serena’s list of illicit activities is a mile long, and she always does things with such utter disregard and that stupid childish, “Oopsy� way. (I personally don’t think the writers should have ever put in the whole Jack storyline with Blair, it just didn’t seem in-character for her). Secondly, I do not bash the guys as much simply because I DO NOT CARE about them. Nate and Dan both really became whores this season, and I guess last season, too. And since neither of them really have any interesting storylines nor do anything I feel compelled to comment on, I guess I sort of don’t care to waste my breath. Serena is one of the stars of the show and often at odds with my favorite character, Blair. This is why I notice her more. As far as Chuck goes, we all knew he was a whore, and that is why we loved to hate him. Now that he has changed, we love to love him. Get over it.


A note on clip two: Ugh, I hate it when Serena does that whole pouty, looking down at the floor like she is going to throw up thing. Why the heck is she ALWAYS so sad?! Oh, I know why! It's because she is a narcissistic drama queen who expects everyone to rush to her side every time she makes that face and beg her to tell them what she could have possibly done to screw with her perfect life AGAIN and how they can drop everything in their own lives to fix it for her!!! She is like a freaking manic-depressive, flopping back and forth from the chipper fun-loving and totally useless Serena to the dramatic and depressed hating herself for what she recklessly did to screw with someone’s life this time (and still useless) Serena. That girl will give you whiplash! I both love and hate this because as much as Serena’s stupid facial expressions make me want to punch her, I think I might actually—gasp—miss her if she were gone. We all need a few beautiful train wrecks in our lives to keep things interesting.


Thank GOD Serena's hair is finally back! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! She was looking so terrible for a while, but her lovely blonde tresses are finally back, and rightfully so! They still aren't as blonde as they used to be, but definitely lighter (or at least spackled in less terrible hair gel). Her makeup and clothes even look better in the last clip. Yay for the death of the old homely alien Serena with the poopy brown, tightly braided hair and Grandma shoulder pads!!! FINALLY she actually looks like the home wrecker she has been playing all along. It is so much more believable now. Let’s hope this clip is indicative of the rest of her look this episode/season. I never want to see the braid again! Maybe she will even let her hair down a little, or wear it half up in that knotted, I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-still-look-this-good way she used to do! Now that is what attracts a congressman!

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