What Did You Think of Heroes Episode "Once Upon A Time In Texas?"

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It was billed as one of the most significant episodes of the season.

Did "Once Upon A Time In Texas" live up to the hype?

As always, we'll recap and review the hour in full, but first we invite viewers to visit our Heroes forum and discuss it with fellow fans.

Charlie and Hiro Kiss

Also, chime in with your opinion below. Might this episode help NBC reverse its decision to cancel Heroes? Or is this another stake in the show's coffin? You tell us!

What did you think of Once Upon A Time In Texas?

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Now we know the reason to Mohinder's absence. Great episode. First time seeing Hiro go all serious and threatening someone.


If people watched this episode they would definitely want to start watching this show again!


Also, the writers did a decent job of time traveling without creating plotholes, etc..I loved the scenes with Sylar and Hiro


I can't believe how good this episode was! The screen was filled with Hiro, HRG, Sylar, Samuel, and had a little bit of Ando & Claire. We even got to see a glimpse of someone that hasn't been on TV all season! Hiro has a purpose and we now know some of Samuel's motivation


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