What Did You Think of "The Treasure of Serena Madre"?

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The 11th episode of Season 3 just aired, featuring more Thanksgiving drama on the UES than even we saw coming - and it's our job to see it coming!

Did you love tonight's Gossip Girl? Did it live up to the hype? Was it disappointing? Confusing? Did you find "The Treasure of Serena Madre" boring?

We want to hear what you think!

Share your thoughts on all of this evening's Gossip Girl by leaving comments and voting in our poll below. Tell us if you liked the episode and why!

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Oh, that Chuck Bass look.

"The Treasure of Serena Madre" was ...

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Is Gossip Girl actually back??!!!!! Finally, an awesome episode! Serena is such a stupid whore, but at least it's EXCITING!!


Serena is such a train-wreck! Everything she touches this season is a dud!! I'd rather see her with boring Nate than by herself at this point. And Dan? Ugh, why did they let Hilary leave? She was the best thing to happen to this shown since season 1. I hope they bring her back. Putting Dan and Vanessa together is the WORST thing to happen since Vanessa's arrival.
While I thought this season was going uphill, Duff's departure and Serena's endless downward spiral has proved me wrong.


I just need to sound off here, but before I do let me just say one thing "Whatcha Say" at Thanksgiving dinner? SERIOUSLY? First, down goes the writing of Gossip Girl and now the MUSIC? What's next?! I mean, I don't personally have a problem with the song, I like it when I hear it on the radio, but Gossip Girl has always been about showcasing UNKNOWNS. The soundtrack is always great. It was just so out of place and ridiculous. As my friend Kelsi attested, they could have at least used the original "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap that that song was so obviously stolen from.
End mini music rant.
Hi. I just wanted to comment on this. The reason they didn't use the original sample, "Hide and Seek" is b/c they already used that song during the end of the Second Season Finale of The OC.


Serenate is awful.
no chemistry.
and Serena clearly has made Nate her second choice.
he needs someone WAY better than her. the only good person in that relationship is Nate.


The first episode this season that I want to rewatch - in fact, I wanted to rewatch by the time I was only half-way through!
SO many dramas, so little time, crammed into so little space. Those who see V as useless, well i think her & her mom were perfect additions to that Thanksgiving table, teasing out tantalizing tidbits that might otherwise have fallen under the table. My view of Serena, as clueless yet beautiful blonde, sadly didn't improve by the end of the episode, though it looked like it might when she apologized to Maureen. Maureen looks like she'll be adding a bit of spice to the mix over the upcoming episodes, and I like her spunk.
The Waldorf Girls storyline had a wonderful & unexpected twist that I think no one saw coming.
Nate was terrific in this episode, at turns witty, funny, poignant... both actor & character have really grown, even since last season. NS is such a better pairing than NB (not only because CB even at its most chaste/boring is the best), but right now N is really showing himself superior to S. He is trying to be a knight in shining armour, which becomes him.
Lily just shows herself to be more and more the deceitful shrew. I keep trying to like her again, and failing. Cece's almost more upfront these days than Lily...


Not that I'm justifying or glorifying Serena's choice to go with Tripp, but there's a lot of pressure there she's being guilted into. She's being asked to choose between a boy who, to the best of her knowledge, only likes her and a man who is leaving his wife, throwing away his career as a CONGRESSMAN, and is risking a monumental scandal that will ruin his social, personal, and career life forever - to be with her. It's no longer a matter of who she wants to be with more. Instead, it's a situation of who needs her more; and in her viewpoint, the clear answer is Tripp. That being said, a lot of of people are being hypocritical. You whine and complain that Gossip Girl no longer has that 'OMG' factor; that their scandals are not all that scandalous anymore; that they no longer 'go there'. Now that you'e gotten it (Serena entering into an affair with a married man - imagine how widely covered this huge political scandal might be) you bitch about how much of a 'slut' she is. You got what you wanted and all you do is bitch. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. You bring up good points. I completely understand and agree. I think people are just used to Serena acting this way, impulsive, naive, so it's not all that new, you know? Not very "OMG," in their eyes, because Gossip Girl has gone even further than that in previous scandals. Tripp throwing away his career, his marriage, and possibly his reputation is definitely risky, but I have a feeling he's not doing it FOR Serena, but for the idea of her. Nate has loved Serena forever, as long as they've known each other, and they've been friends for just as long. I honestly believe that Tripp does not care for Serena, he just "needs" her to fill the sink hole that is his marriage.


AHHHHH!!!!! i just remembered that next week is the last episode for gossip girl until march! i am going to die without gossip girl! and next week's episode better be a really good one! :'(


I absolutley LOVED this episode. OMG Dorota is pregnamt thats so cute. S is really annoying. loved that C was ther for N at the end. i just loved everything about this episode. i actually loved Serenas outfit.


OMG i was literally screaming when Nate told Serena that and the camera went to Dan!
and i just saw the preview for the next episode and OMG it's going to be amazing, i hope Nate really punches Tripp for hurting Serena, that would really bring Serenate together!
And Dorota Pregnant! WOW! but i don't want her to leave the show for the baby!
can't wait for the next episode!


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