What Does Dexter Want from Trinity?

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On Dexter, everyone's favorite serial killer has developed an unusual relationship with Arthur Mitchell; aka "The Trinity Killer."

Dexter very much wants to avenge his sister's shooting and place Trinity on his carving table. But he also wants to learn from Trinity.

After all, this is a man that's lived as both a family man and a mass murderer for three decades. Therefore, fans are asking: Is Dexter more interested in Trinity as a mentor or a nemesis?

An Odd Relationship

"Both, as is often the case with Dexter," Michael C. Hall said when asked this question by E! News. "I think the only answer I can give you is both. What's really fun about it is Dexter as an equal amount of reverence and disdain for the character and those things are commingled in the relationship."

We can't wait to see how it all unfolds. For a sneak peek at what's ahead, browse around our section of Dexter spoilers.

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