90210 Spoilers: Lesbians, Love and Liam's Father!

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The 90210 mid-season finale may have left TV Fanatic critics disappointed, but it left most fans wanting more.

To those counting down the days until the series returns, here are a few spoilers to keep you buzzing until 2010:

  • A male will attempt suicide, but he will live and remain on the show.
  • The Adrianna/Gia relationship will kick start as soon as the series returns.
  • Silver will give Teddy the opportunity he craves.
  • We'll meet Liam's ex-con of a father.

Which of these storylines get you most excited?

Liam and Ivy

What actor should come aboard the show in the role of Liam's biological father?

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i agree with most here. this show has had too much drama. naomi should stay with liam seeing that she hasn't been in a proper relationship ever since ethan.


I so agreed with RA and Battatta season 2 too much drama we neeed more happiness Liam and Naomi have to stay together We want more scenes of them together give us real couple Liam was a jackass with naomi, in the 3rd season has to be more gentle and sweet with Naomi I also start to hate so much drama liam / Naomi together and happy Writers come on


I want Silver and Dixon back together!! And what's gna happen with Annie and I agree keep Naomi and Liam together, season 2 had tooo much drama it needs to be a bit lighter, its about the fun and drama not just drama!! Oh and bring Annie back with the others, I hated her character in season 2 she was so much better in season 1!!


Does anyone know the date that 90210 will be airing again? I know its early 2010 but that doesnt help me out much!


I so agree with Astrid...none of the Ivy/Liam or Annie/Liam stuff on the show...I'll stop watching!! Lets have a REAL couple on the show for once!! I am looking forward to Liam's biological father since that means more of Liam and its different than anything else on the show! We can finally get to know the characters and their personal lives, not just superficial torn-between-two-girls stuff! Liam has to stay with Naomi and start 'expressing' himself to her!! The show will really become good now...I've honestly been hating it so far!
Yes...Teddy and Silver!!! They will be the perfect couple!! Silver is so pretty and Teddy is soooo hott!!!!! and he's sweet!! I hate Dixon, he hurt Silver and now when she can finally find some happiness he decides to ruin it!!!
And Ade and Gia!! What the hell???!! No way I'm sticking around for that!!


1. I think he is Mr. Matthews, because he never managed to win his love, his first with kelly, kim and the worst was with jen. but I think Mr. Matthews and kelly is a suitable lovers. although it seems kelly looks too old to Mr.Matthews.
2. ade and gia.
I do not know gia.
is she a new player in this series?
but I do not agree if ade turned into a lesbian character, ade and lovers nevid is a suitable partner. why they do not become one again?
3. Silver and teddy. they can be matched lovers. but teddy looks too old for silver, and I think there are still many who are waiting to Dixon and Silver be a couple again. but Dixon had to work hard to get love from silver back. because he who decided to split from Silver and refused to return to silver while silver wanted him back on.
4. I do not know who will be the father of Liam, but I hope he is a former Beverly Hills 90210 player. and I hope shannen doherty will be back to this series again ^^v


I like silver, and it seems we must provide opportunities for silver and teddy, I think they could be a good couple. but it seems Dixon still has feelings for silver, and began to feel regret for having left silver.
but I think, silver has not found her true love yet, because of its relationship with teddy will not live long because teddy looked too old for her, and so is her relationship with Dixon because Dixon words in the previous episode that says "I could not be who I am when I am with you "suggests their differences.
I hope there is a handsome boy, fair, good, loving and sincere to be a couple for silver forever.


Adrianna + Gia heck yeah!!!!!!!


teddy with silver OMG, wth? teddy is such a jackass and sorry but trevor is just the worst character on the show he can't act!
I waiting the day when teddy leraned silver is bipolar you really think he can handle this better than dixon? hahaha
Silver could date with him but we all know Sixon could be never done!


i totally agree with Mizi.. i absolutely hate Silver and teddy they have no chemistry.. just akwardness lol.... Silver and Dixon all the way.. They might even be my favorite couple after Jason and Sam from General Hospital=]..

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.