Coming to True Blood: New Creatures, New Flashbacks and More!

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Guest stars galore and a slew of new recurring characters are coming to season three of True Blood.

Most recently, the show announced that Joe Manganiello was joining the series in the key role of Alcide, a werewolf that gets involve with Sookie.

But what about storyline developments and character entanglements? A pair of True Blood cast members spoke to TV Guide Magazine this week about what's ahead on the HBO smash.

“There's more of people with different agendas,” Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) said. “Sam's got his stuff to deal with, his background and who he is, trying to figure that out. There might be some more tension between the vampire kingdoms and queendoms and they might introduce other creatures than just vampires.”

Skarsgard added that viewers will "see Eric and someone else as a tag team" during a flashback scene, though he wouldn't elaborate on the era in which it takes place.

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Meanwhile, Rutina Wesley (Tara) confirmed the addition of werewolves to the publication and said:

"It'll be interesting to see how Tara deals with everything that happens with the last season. She's got a lot grieving she has to do, but I have a feeling that someone's going to come in and sweep her off of her feet. Then we've got Sookie there to help her out as well. They're making a lot of people the focus. That's the one thing that I love about being on the show – that it's truly an ensemble."

To whom is Wesley referring? James Frain has been cast as Franklin Mott, a vampire that cozies up to Tara.

We still have awhile to go until season three of True Blood premieres on HBO. TV Fanatic will be your source for casting and spoiler updates until then!

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