Crystal Hunt: Out of One Life to Live

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Since arriving in Llanview in February, Crystal Hunt's Stacy Morasco has failed to catch on with viewers.

The character has committed one bad deed after another, yet One Life to Live writer Ron Carlivati told Soap Opera Digest in August:

"You're supposed to hate her. But I believe that even the most hated character with the right story can eventually be someone who you root for."

Crystal Hunt

Because that hasn't taken place, the series has let Hunt go. A One Life to Live spokesperson would only say the following, though, when asked about this rumor:

"Crystal Hunt will be in major story in the coming months as the story of Stacy and her baby builds to a climax. As far as rumors that she is leaving the show, we do not comment on rumors."

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Come on you must be kiding me . How can you let go the sugar &spice of the show? If she is not coming Back idont want to be a one life to live fan anymore .and same to my friends &familys too


Please don't let crystal go. If she goes, the whole show has no meaning because she is the one who keeps it alive. When she leaves, who am i going to hate??????????????????? I love her!


Chrystal hunt you are my favorite actress i actually enjoyed watching you love ya!


You are going to be missed on this show. I watch OLTL everyday before GH. I think that your a great actress. I wish you the best in your future of acting. I know that this is not going to be the last time that we see you. What will Kim do now that her girl is not on the show any more?


I dont want stacy morasco to leave the show one life to live. She is the one who makes it better. please dont leave stacy morasco... we love you and i love you alot without you on the show it wouldnt be as good!!!!

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