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Farewell to the Chief: Unser to Step Down on Sons of Anarchy

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A third season of Sons of Anarchy is definitely on the way.

This comes as no surprise to fans of the critically-acclaimed FX drama, but the following storyline spoiler might take viewers aback:

Chief Unser will step down from his post next season.

Creator Kurt Sutter told TV Guide that Deputy Chief Hale will assume the top spot. How will he handle it?

"Unser came to understand... that you have to create relationships with these gangs and turn the other way sometimes and set parameters," Sutter said. "You can't go by the letter of the law or you're f----d. Hale [will] have to learn those lessons and how much he's willing to bend."

Chief Unser

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I completely MISSED watching the 1st season but caught the 4 end programs of season 2. (Bought DVD set for my Christmas present to me). I had a feeling that Unser was stepping back due to his illness ( thus the visit to church). I believe that Kurt Sutter is one of the most brilliant men in the TV industry today. The way he writes & directs is like no other....Casting Katey as Gemma was also a brilliant choice. NO other actress would fit that role.
I hope the show has many many seasons ahead.

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Clay: Where the hell are the Irish?
Jax: In Ireland.

Charming. Our name says it all. This is a bad place isn't it Wayne?

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