Fashion Face-Off: Blake Lively vs. Jessica Szohr

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Who will prevail in a style showdown of Gossip Girl stars at the premiere of Sherlock Holmes? That you'll have to tell us - and really, there's no wrong answer.

On the left, we have Blake Lively. On the right, Jessica Szohr. It's a showdown of striking starlets, and you don't have to be a detective to study these clues!

All that's left to do is tell us whose fashion you like best:

Miss Blake
Szohr-ly You Jest

A couple of gorgeous Gossip Girl stars on the red (black) carpet.

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there is no dout that blake is hoter; fashionable and sexer than jessica


If Jess hadn't worn the tights, it would be pretty close.
But Blake looks so old Hollywood, a way better outfit.
PS tights and peeptoe shoes; not the best fashion choice.


jess is better


Do I really need to answer this? jessica is just like vanessa, everything she wore, wear or plans to wear will just be horrible. I do like the serena wardrobe, But I think blake lively is more elegant and I love how she dresses. I'm not a big fan of this dress but it beats jessica's outfit of couse. Sory for the violent comment guys, I just don't like Jessica/Vanessa'S WARDROBE at ALL. It's just a question of tastes. XOXO


Jessica looks better than Blake, she looks stunning :D
I like Blake but the dress, hair , facial expression over the top !


Blakes is so much better than Jessicas , hers looks like its been chutched together. I dont really like it , it needs a colour injection because its dull.


Blake - I love that dress. but....
Jessica - That outfit ain't too bad, either.
It's edgy. It's well put together.
So good job to her too, and to put up a fight against Blake, ha


honestly, I don't like either of their outfits.
I think blake's is supposed to be red carpet but its too slutty, and Jess's is more indie but it kinda fails at red carpet and looks kinda drab.
I'm more of an indie look girl, but a blake fan.


Blake Lively wins! Hair and dress are stunning. I


Blake is just 100 times more elegant!!!!

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