Gossip Girl Spoilers: Danessa Plus Mojitos Equals ...

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We now pause from your regularly scheduled Serenate and Jenny news for this note on another Gossip Girl couple ready to heat up in 2010.

There was this fun little Q&A tidbit in Michael Ausiello's EW column today:

Q: A little Gossip Girl scoop would make my Christmas wishes come true!

A: Shortly after the show returns in March:

Dan + Vanessa + mojitos = Ay Caramba!


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Dammmm dan and serena suck! serena is soo out of his league...serena and nate belong together and im fine with danessa....screw taylor momsen she is the biggest b***** on the show and in real life!!


FINALLY!!! They are going by the books!! I can't wait for them to get together and as far as I read in the books they are together! A lot of people who don't watch the show is because it is not like the books at all! I'm happy they are doing something right by the books!!Danessa 4ever!!! :)


Dan and Vanessa are best as friends. I'm sure the'll realize in the end.
Besides, Serena might have been a little messed up lately, but she just needs the right person at her side: DAN! She was cute and cheerful at that time


Wow, the double standards abound! Everyone on this show does a lot of sleeping around, get over it. Serena is a "slut" because she slept with a married man she has known since she was a kid? He told her she was leaving his wife and his marriage was over before they had sex. She is naive, that is about it. Really, no worse than Nate, Blair, Dan, Vanessa or Chuck when it comes to sex and the number of partners shes had. As for Dan and Vanessa, I think it would be more interesting if they remained friends. But they are both pretty judgmental and self-righteous. So, perhaps they deserve each other.


yeah..lets see..
blair slept with 5 guys.. but she knew all of them... and jack is a hot uncle so it doesn't count... but marcus whas la 60 so he counts for two....
serena... she slept with a married guy.. AND his best friend boyfriend....and i don't know if anybody remembers serena's video ... kind of slutty... and in season 1 everybody used to said a lot that serena slept with old rich guys when she was like 14.... vanessa.. well the only thing "bad" i can say is that she slept with chuck.. and she hated him... an she was in a threesome.with hilary duff.
nate... he is a manwhore... he would have slept with ce-cee if he had the chance....
dan... who cares...
chuck... too hot for it to bother me..so...


Blair slept with Chuck, Nate, JACK BASS, Carter and Lord Marcus. 5 people and not 4 :) *cough* considering she has a holier than thou attitude about sex *cough*


ok, can someone please tell me why everyone is saying that serena is the slut??
I mean:
Blair slept with chuck,nate,jack bass, carter
dan slept with serena, vanessa, olivia, georgina, his teacher
nate: serena, blair, bree, the mum
serna: nate, dan, gabriel, carter, trip so serena basicly has just slept with one more guy than blair and dan has just slept with as many as her.
I don't get it.


dan & vanessa? ewww.. grosss *puke*


I think it is fine that Dan and Vanessa are getting together on the show. As long as Penn and Blake stay together in real life they can do anything to their characters on the show as far as i'm concerned. A little change will spice up the show, which is definitely what this season needs. Can't wait until new eps are back.


mmmmhhh... mojitos!!

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