Gossip Girl Spoilers: Someone Gets Pregnant?!

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Leighton Meester is a busy girl these days. Not only did she perform at Klutch nightclub in Miami this week, she's working on New Year's Eve, too!

The Gossip Girl star will be ringing in 2010 onstage in Atlantic City. But she's playing coy when it comes to her midnight kiss, according to E! News.

"I'm performing at 12:01," she demurred.

Of course, Leighton fans know that she'll probably be locking lips with one lucky guy: her boyfriend and Gossip Girl guest star, Sebastian Stan.

As for her New Year's resolutions? "I don't make them, because I don't keep them!" she said. "When I was 8, I said I'd make my bed every day."

Gorgeous Leighton Picture

The lovely Leighton Meester.

Oh, and get this. Leighton apparently revealed some Gossip Girl gossip: One character gets pregnant this season, and its not hers (Blair)!

She could be referring to Dorota, we suppose, but we already know she is. Could S or J be getting knocked up? Who do you think it is?

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I'm not really sure who's baby it is but I have a couple of ideas of what could happen, Maybe Serena got knocked up by trip and Nate is such a nice guy he says the baby is his, though I would not like this to happen because Nate has already given to much up for Serena and she left him for tri after he told her he loved her. Plus if Serena had a baby she probably lost it in the car accident. Another thing I think could happen is that jenny gets knocked up by Damien and then like someone else said earlier she asks Nate for help and then she falls for him and he falls for her and he says the baby s his and they handle the problem together. I would like this because with everything that is happening to jenny she needs a good guy in her life to put her back on the tracks. And I think this is one of the ways they could get together. And once they get the baby thing over with jenny will begin to change into a better person. I wouldn’t mind if this were Rufus and lily’s baby, I do think she would make a good mother because now she has the right guy. I really hope its not lily and Serena’s dad baby because she and Rufus have already been through enough I would like to see a chuck n Blair baby just not now maybe in 3 or 4 years. My couple choices are:
Chuck and Blair
Jenny and Nate
Lily and Rufus
Serena and Dan (though I know this is very unlikely I still have hope I love them as a couple)
Vanessa and ? (I really don’t know whom she can end up with)


blairs mum with sylas


i agree with jessica...i think it will be lily XD with rufus...now theres a drama


I hope it's Jenny with Nate. Ever since they sort of got together I've been wanting them to get back together. They are really good together, because Serena is so drama, drama, drama and Blair loves Chuck and Nate and Vanessa were just odd. So, Jenny with Nate's baby will be a nice little storyline...except that she's like 16 and he's in college, but that would be Gossip Girl for you. Also, since Nate has such bad luck with the ladies, if he has a baby it'll always unconditionally love him. Aw.


omg imagine if it was blair omfg!


I agree with marta vdh. it was probably just dorota


I reckon it is Blair and she just said it wasent her character because that way it would be a shock because no one would expect it. That's my theory anyway.


I think that Serena will get pregnant, but it won't be Nate's baby.. It will be Trips.


I think it is going to be Vanessa because all of the other main characters (Blair, Chuck, Jenny, Nate, and Serena) have major storylines coming up. And for Vanessa to be pregnant it will give Dan and Vanessa's relationship a dramatic twist and maybe they will realize their feelings for each other. By the way I can totally see Dan as a dad! :)


I'd have to say Jenny but it doesn't have to do exactly with the plot... I saw the announcement that it will be an episode called "Jenny, Full of Grace" and just made the analogy, I guess. Still, it may also refer to her carrying drugs. But Jenny is probably the most accurate bet.

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