Grey's Anatomy First Look: Addison's Back Again!

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We knew it was coming, but thanks to Michael Ausiello of EW, now we've got video!

Addison returns to her former place of employment in a crossover January 14, when Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice air back-to-back in a two-hour event.

Here's the excerpt from Mike's Q&A ...

Q: What else can you tell us about the Grey’s Anatomy-Private Practice crossover?

A: We can’t really tell you anything. We can, however, show you the moment Addison sets foot back inside Seattle Grace. Just see video below and press play!

[video url="" title="Blink Preview"] [/video]

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TY Greys...I so couldn't remember. This break has been murder. LOL!!! I will have to watch the reruns tomorrow night on AGAIN for about the 50 th time. I'm counting down the days just 22 more to go. I swear when I think that I"m getting better with my obession with this show. I fall off the wagon. LOL!!!


haley, You're not missing much. It's 18 seconds and it's just Addie saying hi to Callie, Bailey, and Derek.


Addison!!!! I really can't hide my excitement. Not that I didn't already adore Kate Walsh, but season 6 of PP has sparked even more admiration for the character and the actress. We've really seen Addison become so well-rounded a character, confident in her professional life, fractured but learning to deal with her personal life...I love seeing her many sides, and the grace and sophistication she brings with her wherever she goes. Can't wait for this crossover, and for the return of both shows. It already feels like they've been on a hiatus forEVer, how are we going to wait out the remaining weeks?!


is there anyway someone would be willing to post this on you tube please !!!!!!!!! dying to see this ! by the way how long is the clip?


@dimples61-they did take a break last years but it was only like three weeks. i remember because the last episode before the break was when street lights by kayne west played and izzie joined alex in his solo surgery.hahaha it was a good episode.


According to some of the spoilers the only thing it is going to mess with is Mark and Lexies relationship. Something is supposed to happen between Addison and Mark. I am missing my show so bad. I can't wait. Did they take a christmas break last year? I can't remembering it. I have been watching reruns on ever since the break started and I"m getting just a little tired of them. LOL!!! 22 more days:(


Hmmm...Derek is too happy to see her, considering how they left things the last time. Good to see Addie back. Mark looks really concerned. That's a first. Can't wait to see the interaction between these two. deme, I get it. While Addie is one of my favorite characters, I also was a little eh on her coming back to GA. Too much of her backs a little of the characters SL. She has her own show! I just hope it doesn't affect much the Derek/Mer/Chief debacle because it's one of my favorite so far.


same here LaurenR. that really made my day. after weeks of going without GA, I am so hungry for spoilers, videos or anything to do with the show. I am so excited about Addie coming to Seattle again. She makes it more exciting. =) Isn't it obvious that I love her? TheGreyOne> not really disturbing but it's really weird. well, not that she's using her father's surname but if she was, that would be really disturbing. Sloane Sloane? hahaha! Why do you keep repeating yourself? hahaha! that would be torture for her growing up to have that full name.


Okay seriously, when Mark said "Sloane has got some problems" or something like that I thought he was talking about himself in 3d person...:) Is it just me or is the name "Sloane" for her daughter disturbing to you too?:))


There is a guy in the hospital a foot ball player and Callie wants and autograph. But she can't just go to his room and ask for it so she ask bailey if there is anyhting laying around with his signiture on it if she can have it. Then Addie comes in and Callie ask her if she was lost on the high way. They hug and then Addie tells Sloan that she is going to help his daughter.

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