Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Owen-Derek Bonding

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The new year is practically upon us and Grey's Anatomy gossip is heating up. What's the latest on MerDer, and "explosive" developments with Cristina and Owen?

Below are excerpts from a new column by Fancast's Matt Mitovich ...

Q: Now that Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo is finally back from maternity leave, are we going to see more Meredith and Derek interaction?

A: Yes, though perhaps not as much as Derek would like. See, Dr. Shepherd is still grappling with all the recent upheaval at Seattle Grace, but because of Meredith'ss ties to the Chief, McDreamy will need to bend someone else’s ear.

“Derek feels like he’s kind of in a vacuum, and he needs another set of eyes on the problem,” Kevin McKidd said. Those eyes belong to a certain redheaded war vet.

Previewing the gents’ bonding experience, McKidd says:

“Sometimes you need a new perspective, an outside view to determine if you’re on the right track or not, and Owen provides Derek that service in a way.”

Derek and Owen

Q: I will trade you a hot kiss under the mistletoe for some good Cristina-Owen spoilers. Not vague Grey's Anatomy spoilers, but good ones!

A: Due to overwhelming demand, I presented Kevin McKidd with rumors going around about something explosive awaiting the couple when Grey's Anatomy returns January 14.

The handsome actor confirmed that “in the next couple episodes there are some pretty explosive things that happen. Almost straight out of the gate, big things happen.”

I asked Kevin if these “things” were of a personal or professional nature.

He spilled, “It’s kind of both” before shutting down for fear of retribution from boss lady Shonda Rhimes. Now take note, Kevin was being vague, not me.

Is the kiss still on the table?

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I have a feeling that the problems that Sloan R is having could mean the baby can't survive. Shonda doesn't do babies. I also read elsewhere that The actress who plays Sloan is filming again. Now it would be very interesting if Sloan R's mom turned up, was soo hot that mark thinks 'why did I walk away from her'


I have this feeling that Sloan Sloan is going to die during child birth. I might be wrong. But it is just a feeling.


Got me there! I REALLY do hope that Mark's extra curricular activities don't mess up with Derek because it's seriously not Derek's business. And WORD, Lexie cannot move back. Find an apartment or move back to daddy's. Yeah, I see that too but Lexie's gotta understand that Sloan Sloan needs Mark a little bit more than Lexie does.


I was being a bit wicked (ha ha) about Hunt wanting to be chief. Maybe a lot of unburdening of male feelings is too much to expect. I don't see Mark fessing up about Ad to Der cos it is very dangerous ground after Der is thinking Mark is starting to grow up. But as long as Lex doesn't move back in with MerDer, I hope she moves in with another roomie. Does anyone else think she's feeling left out when Mark says 'we've got to go to LA' to his daughter. It's got to be occuring to Lex that little Sloan is going to be resident for a long time.


DSD, That pic is from last season. In Elevator Love Letter (519), Hunt asks Derek for help after Cristina breaks up with him. It doesn't has to do with this spoiler.


Did no one realize that Owen's getting scanned?
I do not think that Der is the only one seeking help from that picture. If you ask me, why else is a neuro surgeon doing in the pic, I'd simply say because Owen's problems with Cristina isn't only Teddy.


jude, I don't think Derek will share his personal concern to Hunt. From what I get, Derek will be concerned from a professional level as in the Chief's constant indiscretions (which makes me believe that the Chief is going to continue making mistakes) and maybe drop the fact that Meredith is spending too much time with Richard. I seriously doubt that he'll vent out his personal frustration and I'm sure (ok, very hopeful) that MerDer will have a heated discussion once Derek finds out. Hunt doesn't strike me as a guy that likes to have friends, so I doubt that they'll have a close bonding friendship, more like an unbiased opinion on the situation. I don't see Hunt wanting to become Chief. He hasn't expressed any sort of sentiment or leadership that could indicate that. Actually, he doesn't show any ambition to anything at all. That's weird. I thought about the Addie/Mark situation too. But this is my opinion on it: As much as Derek likes Lexie (I'm starting to find it annoying. I think Lexie takes advantage on Der's good will), this really doesn't have to do anything with him. He shouldn't be dragged into Mark's mess. It's not his problem and Lexie isn't his responsibility. I hope it's not another fight between them because I can't take any more fights coming from them. I think it's odd that given how they left things last time (Jen's death and the OR showdown) that Derek and Addie are happy to see each other. There's also a new promo. Did anyone catch it? Mark and Addie DEFINITELY get it on.


Please more love between merder.not a peck on a cheek.I know I submitted before this comment with no results


Please more love between merder.not just a peck on a cheek


It would seem that Mer's bond with the chief takes a really serious step up if Der needs a neutral to vent his feelings to. I would rather see that than Der getting shouty with Mer, but.. I can't imagine that Hunt won't be sharing problems with Der. It may cause comments from Cris, perhaps MerDer and Owtina can go on a double date? (lol). But Hunt needs someone to bond with if he's got two women wanting him. Maybe Hunt will want to be chief too But Mark has had the listening to a friend role before, with a couple of big glips due to Ad and Lex. So what's changed? It'll be interesting to see if Der gets to hear about Mark/Ad getting it together again. Der did say to Mark he thought he'd grown up since he's been with Lex. Lex is Der's little sister. Plus Mark is having to deal with fatherhood, so perhaps he's very distracted. Has anyone seen the new clip for 6:11 with everyone star struck over the quarterback, then Ad arrives. Der gives her a old friend type peck on the cheek.

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