Holy 90210 Spoiler Alert: Suicide Attempt Ahead!

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Over the last couple weeks on 90210, Jen has been exposed as a lying skank; Jasper has pushed Navid down a flight of stairs; and Adrianna has fallen off the wagon.

But these development pale in comparison to an upcoming event on the series:

Sources confirm to TV Guide that a major character will soon attempt suicide! The action will fail, but the publication says it "will spell the end of one main character's time on the show."

The obvious question, therefore: Who will try to off him/herself? Possibilities include:

  • Adrianna: She may be trying to kick her drug habit, but she has no friends these days and is a known basket case.
  • Annie: When she discovers just what kind of a man she gave her precious flower to, might she react in the most dramatic way possible?
  • Kelly: She wasn't exactly the most stable person back in the day. Could former demons return to haunt her?
  • Teddy: Simply because he's considered a "main character" this season, but Teddy Donovan is not listed as a series regular.

Do you have any guesses on who will be leaving the show and why? Share them in our forum or in the comments section below.

As you ponder this huge spoiler, check out the trailer for next wee's 90210 episode, the final new installment of 2009:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/winter-wonderland-promo/" title="Winter Wonderland Promo"] [/video]

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i really hope it isn't jasper... :/ him and annie are perfect for eachother!! but he doesn't exactly seem stable - you notice when he's calming annie down he always seems to be saying it to himself?? i think that annie should turn him around - but i don't think it's gonna happen - it's definately him... :(
unless of course they decide to do some kind of massive last minute surprise...?!!


i really hope its not annie bc u said it would spell the end of the shw for whomever it is, and annie is AHHHmazing, i only started watching 90210 because of shenae grimes, im a very big fan of hers And its the only thing shes on nowadays, but i have come to like the show very much. But then again Annie is the main charactor, she is pretty much what the show is about and if the basis of the show is gone..what happens to the show?
I also dont thiks its Teddy because he is the kind of up beat kind of guy u could say????
but unfortunetly, we have to wait until march 9th -thanks for reading


It's obviously NOT Annie, Adrianna or Jen since they said it was a MALE who attempted suicide and since those 3 r FEMALES I doubt it's any of them. So that leaves Jasper & Mr. Matthews :s Or maybe Harry, that would be quite interesting & since he's leavin tha show maybe that'll be tha storyline that gets him outta Beverly Hills?? Jus a thought


on another post they confirm it's a male suicide... i'm thinking it will be either Jasper, Teddy, or Mr. Matthews... Jasper--he'll attempt suicide to try and gain sympathy points with Annie, again another manipulative move on his part... they'll keep him on the show cuz they currently need a "baddie" since Jen is gone, for now... Teddy--heartbroken over Silver cause the opportunity he gets to be with her doesn't turn out the way he thought... Mr. Matthews--Jen really messed him up... so he tries something stupid when he's drunk... notice him going for the vodka--maybe there was more to that scene than humor... I have a feeling that they will bring Jen back to stir up more trouble and make things interesting. Also, thought that Dixon and Ivy were supposed to hook up in the future? Read it somewhere, can't remember though...


i think it is ivy...nobody had posted about her yet and i'm surprised. right now she is a regular, for those of you that dont think so. and she is upset liam left her for naomi. i think it will be her.


I think its Dixon -- last night's eps, he seemed pretty sad and I think he's only in for disappointment when he meets his real mom again


please not the main characters! it would be great if it's jasper! hahahahaha!


I dont know but I really hope it's Ivy. She's so annoying, they need to get rid of her so N/L can finally be together!


I think it will be Ivy...she is on her way out and I don't see why they would keep her. They will probably keep the Teddy character because he still has to chase after Silver, get in fights with Dixon and later on stand trial with Annie.


Ivy. or maybe Jasper.

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