Jenny Humphrey: The Ultimate Bad Girl

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Oh, J.

Little Jenny Humphrey has been cruising for trouble on Gossip Girl from the very beginning. This season, it's only gotten worse, turning on her own brother/BFF, running with the miscreant, drug-dealing son of a diplomat and more.

Judging from pics of Taylor Momsen on set, we don't think we've seen the baddest of this bad girl, either. “Keep your eye on little Jenny Humphrey,” creator Josh Schwartz recently teased about the show's 2010 return.

With the 16-year-old strolling around Manhattan in a worn-out white tee, short skirt and visible garters, it's certainly not hard to do what Josh instructs.

But are you a fan of bad girl, troublemaker J? Are you excited to see Jenny slinging drugs and pining for Nate, or should the youngster just take a hike?

Bad, Bad Girl

LOVE HER, HATE HER: Either way, Taylor Momsen's Jenny Humphrey is a captivating character, and we can't wait to see what she does next.

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ew, write the character out; id rather only see the college characters--the high schoolers are over with the exception of Eric (i luv him!)


I hate Jenny. I hated her from the beginning. She is not sexy and easy going. And Blair is so much more sophisticated. Why would Blair Pick her as Queen!


Jenny’s character has been completely ruined this season!
She has transformed into a different person, if you changed her name she might as well be a different character.
For me many of viewers have lost the essence of what her character use to be. The “old� Jenny from season 1 & 2 was soooo different to how she is now. As well as her looks being changed, her personality has seemed to change too and that’s why for me I have gone totally off her. The reason is because she isn’t the same character! And I’ll continue to repeat myself because its frustrating that it seems to be only me who has noticed this!
I liked her in season 1 & 2 and now when I see her, I miss how she use to be and it makes me sad that the writers have “had� to make her grow up so fast.
I am 16 and I cannot at all relate to this character.
They’ve basically morphed her into Taylor Momsen and the writers have tried to rub Blair’s character traits onto Jenny and that’s what peed me off so much.
I want the old Jenny Humphrey back and the only way the writers can succeed this, is if she looses her wealth and is de-throwned. I’m still waiting for that to happen!


please nate and jenny wtf ! i rather serenate any day. i hope lily and rufus get divorce and jenny goes back to where she came from. first she messed with eric and now serena. no respect at all since the only reason the bitch is rich is because of lily bass. i just wish the writers would follow the book plot bc if they did they would realize that only blair and serena matter to nate. and since i just read the book where there back from college nate still can't choose but seems borderline close to wanting blair. pls writers follow the books and at least give me serenate if nothing else.


she looks so sluty! i cant believe her parents aprove of her wearing that at 16!!!


I honestly strongly dislike Jenny this season, but she does have a lot of drama which makes the show even better. Although I would love it if she took a hike, she's a good balance to the show so it wouldn't be the same if she left the show. I find it funny that looking back at season one, the characters are so differant (Jenny and Chuck mostly) they were so inoccent but now they grew up....more or less.


i love her this season!!
she was boring in season 1 and 2, but now she actually has a compelling storyline


I like her character's evolution this season and we need a new queen btch - but I don't totally buy it yet. Leighton made Blair's btchiness natural. Taylor lately speaks in a flat tone and is suffering from Chace Face - only 2 expressions (fake smile/petulant frown). Maybe it's not fair to compare her to Leighton, but I'm waiting to see what the second half of Season 3 brings. (BTW, it's disturbing to see a 16 year old girl walking around like this, no matter who she is, and she looks miserable all the time - and don't tell me it's because she's gone 'Method'.)


hated her in season 1 hated her in season 2 hate her in season 3!!! but i'm excited she's becoming a bad girl 'cause seriously the show needs some drama!!! and def she won't win nate!!!


Loved innocent Lil J in S1. In S2 she was still awesome except for the whole Agnes/fighting with Rufus faze. S3 however is BAD. She started off alright trying to abolish the CB monarchy but now she's into drugs and just become a really mean person which is bad because Jenny is my fave character (well she was) and I really wanted JeNa but now I find that I prefer the N-JBC at least until Jenny gets a reality check!

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