Leighton Meester Performing Live on Friday

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Chicago fans can check out Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester showing the full range of her talent when she performs live at The Underground Friday.

She's taking her singing career seriously! Doors open at 10 p.m. for the live performance. Admission is free, but you must RSVP for guaranteed entry.

Meester signed a recording contract this year and as we've heard from her various releases to date, her sound has a distinct "electro-pop edge."

Her first album is scheduled for release in 2010, and she's already released a single featuring Robin Thicke and teamed up with Cobra Starship.


LOVELY LEIGHTON: She's a woman of many talents!

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i know this is a gossip girl website and i am a member and lover of this site and gossip girl not just some random person spreading spam! but its an emergency!
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Awesome Leighton.
She looked fantastic at the Klutch opening.


I love Leighton but I wish she would stick to acting.. I saw her perform about a month ago with Cobra Starship and she was completely off key and looked flustered on stage. She even had her friends walk on stage with her and dance maybe because she was nervous. I dont know.. It was weird.




try and block out some of these comments above Leighton!
Believe me you have TONS of fans who support you in what ever you do!
If you wanna wear your hair like that, wear your hair like that! you look great no matter what! and @BetteDavis shes not blair! she leighton! and this actually came up the other day on twitter, Leighton posted a link on twitter to this article and said "Smart Article, someones thinking" and in the article it stated that some fans can't handle the fact that leighton is her own person and all they want is for her to be blair, but shes not! im not trying to get in a fight but if you dont like her singing fine but don't say she should do it cause it takes away from blair!


LOVE LEIGHTON!!! so pretty and talented as an actress and as a singer! a couple of her songs are on youtube i don't know if that makes them "Leaked" but what ever! go check 'em out!
of course -somebody to love (but that's already officially released)
-Body Control
-Bette Davis Eyes
so ya go type those in on youtube! there all awesome, shes so versatile! Oh, and follow me on twitter! @sabrinaisonline


I really liked the song good girls go bad that she did with cobra starship and i liked body control and her cover of bette davis eyes and christmas(baby please come) but the other not so much especially not somebody to love!! She is betetr at acting but at least she is making plans for after GG! all i can say is good luck and i will eb buying the album because i am a fan of hers xoxo


I love her, but I really think she should stick to acting. She is such an amazing actress but as a singer, well, she kind of sucks.


i wish she'd just stick with acting, i mean i don't think she doesn't have the talent and all for singing, but she's really losing that mystic i always loved about her before all the music hype shes getting, she's just so. . .un-blair like now. . .
I don't she should be doing both.


i don't understand why she keeps doing her hair like this... not cool


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