Lost Poster Purports to Reveal Season Six Secrets

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Lost season six spoilers are harder to come by than Las Vegas cocktail waitress that did not sleep with Tiger Woods.

Therefore, you can imagine our excitement when producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse pointed fans to a newly-released poster that's part of the The Lost Underground Art Project (located online at damoncarltonandapolarbear.com).

According to Cuse, "you should look in there and there will be a couple of clues to the final season that are embedded in that poster. It will make a lot of sense once you've actually seen a few episodes of the show."

Adds Lindelof: "Look at the poster and think of the things you've seen on the show, and then whatever else is left, that's a clue for Season 6."

We wish it were that easy. Take a look for yourself:

Revealing Lost Poster

We have no idea if these are the "clues" the producers are hinting at, but the TV Fanatic staff has noticed the following about the poster:

  • Supposedly dead characters such as Boone, Mr. Eko and Shannon are featured.
  • That is an Oceanic plane... but this is not the setting of the original crash.
  • Richard Alpert is nowhere to be found.
  • That's likely Kate in the top row, alongside Jack and Sawyer... but doesn't it look a bit like Ilana?

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Richard Alpert is at the bottom right.


just someone who came to look at the picture, scrolled down to read the comments, and saw the dual timeline spoiler link in all its bold-print glory. sweet. thanks for just throwing that out there.


Oh! And the hieroglyphs that are in the clouds are the same hieroglyphs that were on the Swan timer during System Failure. They translate to 'Underworld.'


The two clues: Airplane in clouds (can't tell if Ajira or Oceanic), and the ankh in Hurleys' torch. All Dharma logos at the bottom have been seen. Here are the confusing ones. The first is the shark. The sixth is the school. The seventh is the submarine. The tenth is the school. Other items of note. The smoke monster is seen four times (mottled gray over black). At the top of either side of the post. Behind Kelvin and behind dead Shannon. There is a 'martyr' on the raft below the 'S' of LOST. A figure holds what looks like a guitar on the far right. Above that, figures seem to be swimming in the water. There is a rewind symbol on the 'O' of LOST and an 'F' seen on the 'T' of LOST when viewed sideways. There are other details as well but I think I've mentioned the important ones. Oh, and the polar bear, too.


Also who is the person in the middle of the wreckage?? there is a small figure - teeny tiny can barely see him. wearing a suit. i think its jack since he was wearing a suit in the pilot but i doubt they'd make him that hard to find only for it to be jack And im sitting on the notion that the direction each character is looking means something significant


I dont see libby anywhere either.... is that a sign or did they just forget her I can't see charlotte or miles anywhere and i dont see jack's dad either I can't make out the writing in the clouds The fire with the egyptian symbol seems significant who is the guy in the bottom right corner the darma logos along the bottom of the pic stand out somewhat and doesnt the virgin mary in claire's pocket seem abit suspicious to you? its Circled in the O in lOst for crying out loud Why are they mostly waring blue!? and why is the color blue so dominant


@Dionyssis Kastrinos, isn't that Jacob's cabin to the right of the plane wreckage? It looks like its been destroyed or something. Maybe the plane landing on the Island ruined some plan that Jacob had for the Island??


The writing in the clouds, The ankh in Hurley's fire, the volcano spewing lava, the symbols to all the hatches which we have not seen. These are the things plus two more, I'm sure we are meant to see.


I think that we dont see the cabin where It was supposed that jacob was living there,we see things that happened like the hatch explosion,the plane crash,we see someone look at the plane crash but we cannot guess who might be,we can sse the raft but we dont see the black pearl,we can see the statue but not whole of it perhaps my opinion that one way or another these facts had already happened and they cannot be deleted.And one last i see that the logo is full of red that might means something i suppose that a lot of bad things will hapeen in season 6

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