Promo For First 2010 Gossip Girl Episode(s)

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We've got good news and bad news.

The good news is that Gossip Girl just treated us to its best episode of the season, if not the entire series, with last night's "The Debarted."

The bad news? It looks like following this masterpiece, the next new episode will not be until Monday, March 8, the show's CW rep says.

There has been confusion about this, as the CW stated that Life UneXpected would air in GG's time slot for six weeks beginning January 18, but not when Gossip Girl would return after that, or if new episodes would air prior to January 18.

What it looks like now is that we're off until March 8, but with the entire rest of the season airing repeat-free after that. It's a nice silver lining.

Here's the first promo for show's 2010 debut. Even this vaguely promises "new episodes coming soon!" Whenever they do, we can't wait!

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl 2010 Promo"] [/video]

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plzz... gossip girl series shld b back i wnt to watch all the series plz... cm back in 2011.. plzz... restart the gossip girl series again ...on zee cafe...plz....


When are the episode 23 of season 3 come out? somebody who knows?


I have to say i Love Gossip Girls and One Tree Hill, CW Network Please Keep Gossip Girls on,including One Tree Hill On forever because their is more information to be discussed. For The CW Network do know exactly!! what will happened to Chuck Bass AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I would be devastated if anything could happened to him PLEASE PRAY FOR CHUCK BASS


Gossip Girl is the best show I have ever watche'd or has ever caught my eye. I cannot remove myself once the show is on, and to think it won't be on for a while after tonight makes me depressed and it's really wrong! So many people love the intensity and reality the show's brings to us all! I cannot imagine tonight being the last for a while, you cannot tempt the one's that sit down and watch this and excpect us to wait for the juicy show to arrive again! It's simply ridiculous.




CW...why would you wait this long to put a new episode of Gossip Girl out? Seriously, what 6 figure exec made this decision "thinking" this would be a good idea? I am baffled that something so obvious is so oblivious. You are at the top of your game and instead of capitalizing on it you are blowing it. I know how this works so for the 5 figure person reading the comments at your company, please forward my comment to your 6 figure big wig(s). Thank you! -Ange


omg ttly vcard J&N&B&S*D*yadda yadda yadda do U PPL no how 2 talk??? no obviously you don't or you wouldn't be spelling everything like that. lord.


I can't believe we have to wait another 6 weeks for a new episode of GG. You will lose viewers if you keep this up. We love your the shows that you write, however, people will eventually start turning their attention somewhere else.....


WTF are u joking we waiting so long for the season to start then
U guys make us wait for the season to continue..
Then u bring is reatarded show on t.v and remove gossip for this shit
March are u joking!!
I though ok a little set back whatever early jan but MARCH!!
UGHHH!!! CW ur shit like first off ur thinking of canceling gossip and make us wait GREATTTT!!!
It was getting good blair and chuck!! Loves them!!
They better bring it and make the show good for making us wait this long
More SEX and fashion!!


Nate & Serena? Seriously? Yuck.

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