Share Your Gossip Girl Christmas Wishes!

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Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we're grateful for you visiting Gossip Girl Insider all year long, and wish you the happiest of holidays.

We hope you have an enjoyable day, and that you got everything you hoped for in your stocking. Which got our staff members thinking ...

Here's an open-ended, holiday-themed question:

If you had one Gossip Girl wish (big or small, jokingly or very seriously) what would it be? Leave a comment below and share with us!

You Go Down!

ROMAN HOLIDAY: The holidays bring out the best in us ... usually.

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its past christmas but o well, i want more chair scenes and i want blair and chuck to get married, not soon but not at the end of the series!


Of course, like many others, I would like the show to pretty much revolve around Chair!"] And I also want the books to be more like the show, that way, when the show ends I can read the books over and over and get my weekly fix of GG! It kills me that Chuck doesn't end up with Blair in the books! Ohhh, and I want Ed Westwick as well.


I would be Blair Waldorf in real life. And yes, while we're at it more Chair sex. And bringing DERENA BACK! NEVER LOSE HOPE!


I want to meet Blake Lively and kiss Chace !
Also, I'd love if Derena would be relevant again. It sucks how fans only care about Blair and Chuck (I love them SO MUCH, but I guess the rest of the show needs some atention too !). xoxo


I want Jenny and Nate together. He should be the one taking her V-card. If that too much to ask for I want to marry Chace so we can live happily ver after. :D


If i could have my gossip girl wish, i would land chuck for myself, but not have blair suffer


New chapters in January!


more Chairrrrr!!!
I wish CW would make another spin off show focusing on Chair.
A bit flashback from their childhood and Chair stories that are not shown on GG
and of course, like any Chair fan, I would like Chair to get married on the finale of the final season :)


Also, I would like Blair's wardrobe as well.


I wish for Lily not to have cheated on Rufus. And vice versa. ...And to find Chace Crawford under my tree, of course! :)


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