Share Your Gossip Girl Christmas Wishes!

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Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we're grateful for you visiting Gossip Girl Insider all year long, and wish you the happiest of holidays.

We hope you have an enjoyable day, and that you got everything you hoped for in your stocking. Which got our staff members thinking ...

Here's an open-ended, holiday-themed question:

If you had one Gossip Girl wish (big or small, jokingly or very seriously) what would it be? Leave a comment below and share with us!

You Go Down!

ROMAN HOLIDAY: The holidays bring out the best in us ... usually.

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its past christmas but my wish is for Chair to heat up and GG to be like it was season 1 and 2 and for all of you to follow me on twiiter @sabrinaisonline MERRY CHRISTMAS MY FELLOW GG FANS!


1) to get a kiss from chace crawford at some point in my life
2) for chair to have drama (whether sexy or sad, a breakup or fight maybe?)
3) nate and blair to get back together and get married like they were destined. come on for us nair fans!
4) jenny and damien- i love it! jenny should have as much scandal as the main cast in season 1
5) i want dan and vanessa to be like they are in the books:cute, heart wrenching, and damn funny
merry christmas!


for more chuck and blair scenes, oh and for chuck to propose to blair in the season 3 finale !


I would wish for a gossip girl book, movie, and to remain the great show that it is!


Well, even though Christmas is over, I still have a few wishes. Or a lot, but anyway... 1. Blair Waldorf's seasons 1, 2, and 3 wardrobes
2. Something horrible to happen to Jenny, like getting disowned by Lily and Rufus.
3. More, more, more Chuck and Blair!
4. Nate and Serena, please! Oh, and with that make Serena a little bit smarter!
5. And last of all for Gossip Girl to go on for another 10 years. (:


jenny and vannessa killed, for LEIGHTON MEESTER AND ED WESTWICK TO BECOME A REAL LIFE COUPLE so ed can dump jessica.s and wait for it...............chuck to propose to blair and get married and have a baby and on like the last line ever to be spoken on gg in the last episode to be blair saying "im blair bass" and omg i could think of soo manny chair scenes but it would take 5 pages


To have Blair have a pregnancy scare, tell Chuck, Chuck to get angry and leave. Blair to be heartbroken only for Chuck to come back with a huge mother chucker Harry Winston diamond and propose. Blair accepts, obviously, however finds out she's not pregnant. Blair feels that Chuck only wanted to marry her because of the baby, then Chuck and Blair have this intense scene where he professes his love. And they eventually get married and have kids. Serena and Nate after a lot of fumbling, get together and produce beautiful blonde children
and last but not least... vanessa dies :)


Chuck & Blair getting married and Serena & Nate to stay together forever! (...even if Jenny Humphrey try to steal him from her!)

Blair cornelia archibald

and for my emoticons to work on gg insider. SAD FACE.

Blair cornelia archibald

For there to be a prequel to the TV series with Blair and Nate


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