Spotted on the Gossip Girl Set: Agnes?

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Remember Agnes, Jenny's bad news model friend and short-lived fashion-designer partner from last season, played by former OC star Willa Holland?

It looks like she may be returning to the show this spring, according to these photos from the set sent in to us by a Gossip Girl tipster (many thanks)!

That is her, right? While Agnes' role, if this is true, has not been announced, it can't mean good things for J, who's already involved in other drama.

Share your theories and intel with us below!

Agnes Sighting
Agnes is Back

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agnes: give me damian, or i will turn you in/make your life hell/just basically tell everyone that she's a drug dealer. oh, and give me all your designs, too. yeah, i think that's about it.


man, sorry, didn't mean to sound so bitchy up there. Someone just jumped the gun on a resemblance btw Ms. Carr and Lux's mom, and I'm just fed up with the LU bashing I've been seeing by GG fans. I am sorry I was snappy. peace.


WRONG - Miss Carr's actress is NNNOOOTTT on Life UneXpected. Instead, it's a much better actress named Shiri Appleby, playing Cate Cassidy, Lux's birthmom on LU. Shiri played main character Liz on Roswell, a fabulous show that ran 7-10 years ago. She's since done stints on ER and a bunch of other quality television. Laura Breckenridge played Ms. Rachel Carr last season on GG.
Please, don't make up reasons to hate Life UneXpected. LU has nothing to do with GG's long hiatus. The CW say they didn't want the multiple long breaks they had last year, as that killed the ratings, and pissed off a lot of fans. Instead, one single agonizing break, and then episodes every week until season's end. LU is just filling part of the gap, not the cause of it. In fact, LU is only going to do half of its run in GG's vacant slot, and the other half in another vacant timeslot. If anything, those of us who are excited about LU should be pissed about that time switch.
Since there is no way that we can have GG for three months, isn't is nice that we can have something that looks to be good, even maybe great, to help while away the hours??? More on topic, love Willa Holland's character. Honestly, she was both more sane and more acting her age than Jenny has since the first season. Plus, Willa is gorgeous, and doesn't try to look like a horror actress...


Hey i seen Damion and Jenny with that coat!


is really a great news i will love to see again a willa like agnes


I love agnes and Willa! i hope shes back:D

Pennbadgley lover

Finally !
someone needs to come in and teach Jenny a fricken lesson !
i hope agnes fricken RUINS her !


I've been wondering what ever happened to the pictures that Agnes and Jenny took in their bras. Maybe she'll do something with them, it was weird how she didn't do anything with them, they're great blackmail and/or way to mess up Jenny's life.


Loved her! Maybe she can knock some sense into Jenny! Can't wait to see what trouble she"ll stir up and shes really pretty


I love Agnes I can't wait to see her back.

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