The Latest Lost Promo Pic: Boring or Revealing?

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Last week, a poster for Lost was unveiled that producers admitted revealed a few clues about season six. It's worth a look and a few guesses.

Now, ABC has released a new promotional photo for the show's final season.

As far as we know, it isn't meant to indicate spoilers about the new set of episodes - but, come on. This is Lost. Everything means something... and it's fun to search for clues and easter eggs, is it not?

Lost Picture

What stands out in the photo above?

  • Juliet isn't pictured.
  • Claire is featured prominently.
  • Jack is dressed differently than he was on the island.
  • The clouds hovering over the castaways we've known for years are much darker than those floating past those that were not on Flight 815.

What are we missing? Do you notice anything that could be construed as a hint about what's to come?

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They all look sad because they're all thinking: 'I'm gonna have to start looking for work again soon' :D I think Jack isn't next to Kate because he's being parallel to Claire, his sister, who's also light and he's dark, in the picture.


There are 4 people who are looking down. Locke, Claire, Kate, and Jin. Locke and Claire are semi-dead/ghostlike or whatever so maybe that means that the other people that die are going to be Kate and Jin?


No Desmond or Penny? Charlie (their boy)? Aaron? Ji Yeon? And everyone looks so sad.


Jack looks as though he is in Locke's shadow. Half of his face is in the dark, the other side is in the light.


Claire is on the left side of the picture and not on the right with the other 815 survivors. Is she some way different now after her disappearance?


Kate and Sawyer are standing alone together..instead of it usually being Kate in between Jack/Sawyer.


Four characters are facing the ground, specifically Locke - who we already know isn't himself, maybe that's a sign?


In that paticularly dark cloud (the one the plane is flying toward) it looks as if there's some sort of face...or maybe it's just me??


is there something behind the clouds the plane is flying towards?


nevermind now i see him lol


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Find a suitcase. If there's anything you want in this life, pack it in there, because you're never coming back.

Ben [to Jack]

Why there is a dead Pakistani on my couch?

Hurley's mom