TV Fanatic Mid-Season Report Card: 90210

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With every primetime series on hiatus until 2010, it's time to take a look back.

When will your favorite show return? Consult with the TV Fanatic television calendar now.

Until then, our staff will gather and report on the status of various sitcoms and dramas. Up now: 90210.

Best Character: Adrianna and Naomi (tie). We couldn't choose just one. As we lauded in our previous Round Table, the show could easily have sent Adrianna down another drug-induced spiral. But it avoided that cliche and has created a mature, realistic character that truly depicts the struggles and pressures of a young addict.

Naomi, meanwhile, is simply hilarious. AnnaLynne McCord was given the opportunity to give this character more than one, bitchy dimension and she's run with it brilliantly.

Jasper and Annie

Worst Character: Teddy. He looks 37, let's start with that. But he also comes across as a complete jackass. Granted, he showed a sensitive side when Silver's mom got sick. But it takes more than just hitting a few tennis balls on a roof for us to believe Silver would actually go for him, as 90210 spoilers have revealed she will.

We can't think of any way Teddy has been a good friend to anyone else on the show and, unlike Naomi, his jerky comments don't come across as humorous, just as... jerk-like.

Best Storyline: Jackie's cancer and subsequent death. Jessica Stroup was outstanding throughout this plot development, while it managed to combine the sentiment of the old show with the remade version. It also kick-started a relationship between Silver and Teddy, as mentioned above, while helped to provide a catalyst for Adrianna's eventual recovery and Silver and Dixon's reconciliation.

A solid storyline brings numerous characters together and creates building blocks for future developments. This qualified in every way possible.

Grade so far: B Plus.

Hopes for 2010: More Ivy, she's growing on us (pun... intended!); A new, less crazy love interest for Dixon; Dire consequences for Annie as a result of her hit-and-run; More shots of Liam shirtless; Adrianna and Navid back together.

What about you, readers? What grade would you give the show so far this season?

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And now, Matt and the rest of the TV Fanatic staff have seemed to have grown to love Trevor Donovan. That's one of the few things I'm thankful during Rebecca Sinclair's tenure. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!


I CANT BELIEVE YOU DIDNT LIKE TEDDY!!!!!!!! i loved loved LOVED him, gosh hes gorggeous, and i liked silver.


i wanna see naomi DOWN ON HER KNEES begging for Annie's forgivness and Annie evening the score.
Ade and Navid back together.
Naomi and Liam back together
Donna Martin returns WITH David
Ivy and Naomi bitchslap each other.


I agree more IVY!!!, Make her a regular, she has won me in this short stint.


I cannot believe I am the only one who likes Annie and Jasper?! Their storyline is the most interesting, hands down. If they don't keep Jasper and Annie developments happening I will stop watching the show. The rest is pretty blah in comparison. The Naomi and Liam plot is less original that a kid with a Barbie and Ken could think up. Come ON!!! Blah. Ivy has got skills. She is way cooler than Naomi whose only skill is shopping. I liked her and Liam together, but he isn't interested so fair enough. Mostly I just like Annie and Jasper. Didn't anyone else see how much he loves her? Why is nobody on the same page as me?


i LOOOOVVVEEEEE naomi and liam they are the best couple on the show.
but they were better last season. I really want some other random guy to like naomi and her to
not discourage him so liam gets jealous!! i can imagine liam
being really hot when he gets jealous...


Teddy might be a jerk, but his still hot, i think.
Naomi is kinda of a good character cause she hasnt done anything bad yet, but i liked adrianna because she was going 2 own up. She rocks! MORE MORE Ivy(great character), Ad and Navid should b back 2gether. And Liam like u said, more shirtless scenes please.


I think in season 2 is not more interesting than season 1, there are several characters in season 1 looks unique example in season 1 silver dress style is unique, she does not really come to the party, she also has a unique hobby (blog) but in season two she looks normal, she does not look awkward when coming to the party, even short hair makes her look older, I prefer her with long hair, she would look younger.
whereas for ade, she looked older with long hair.
and I prefer if Ethan does not appear again in season two, because he was a playboy, very easy to fall in love. first with naomi and last annie and silver. he's weird.


I think Ivy would make a good friend w\ annie or as MORE DRAMA said .. DATE ADRIANNA ! It would bee so funny ! Bring MORE actionnnns !!


I mean naomi and liam r great 2getha and it should stay lik' that ! But im sure ivy's going 2 be GREAT now Pppl that dont lik her should giv' her another chance :) !!! :D Can't wait 2 c her w\ dixon .. It should be interesting ! Well anywayy Goo : Ivy, Dixon, Liam, Naomi, Silver and Annie !
I loooove the 90210 cast !!!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.