TV Fanatic Mid-Season Report Card: 90210

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With every primetime series on hiatus until 2010, it's time to take a look back.

When will your favorite show return? Consult with the TV Fanatic television calendar now.

Until then, our staff will gather and report on the status of various sitcoms and dramas. Up now: 90210.

Best Character: Adrianna and Naomi (tie). We couldn't choose just one. As we lauded in our previous Round Table, the show could easily have sent Adrianna down another drug-induced spiral. But it avoided that cliche and has created a mature, realistic character that truly depicts the struggles and pressures of a young addict.

Naomi, meanwhile, is simply hilarious. AnnaLynne McCord was given the opportunity to give this character more than one, bitchy dimension and she's run with it brilliantly.

Jasper and Annie

Worst Character: Teddy. He looks 37, let's start with that. But he also comes across as a complete jackass. Granted, he showed a sensitive side when Silver's mom got sick. But it takes more than just hitting a few tennis balls on a roof for us to believe Silver would actually go for him, as 90210 spoilers have revealed she will.

We can't think of any way Teddy has been a good friend to anyone else on the show and, unlike Naomi, his jerky comments don't come across as humorous, just as... jerk-like.

Best Storyline: Jackie's cancer and subsequent death. Jessica Stroup was outstanding throughout this plot development, while it managed to combine the sentiment of the old show with the remade version. It also kick-started a relationship between Silver and Teddy, as mentioned above, while helped to provide a catalyst for Adrianna's eventual recovery and Silver and Dixon's reconciliation.

A solid storyline brings numerous characters together and creates building blocks for future developments. This qualified in every way possible.

Grade so far: B Plus.

Hopes for 2010: More Ivy, she's growing on us (pun... intended!); A new, less crazy love interest for Dixon; Dire consequences for Annie as a result of her hit-and-run; More shots of Liam shirtless; Adrianna and Navid back together.

What about you, readers? What grade would you give the show so far this season?

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agree with the worst character Teddy can't act and seems really to old!
SIXON FTW love them
everybody dixon doesn't deserve silver WTH why all people blaming him don't forget silver cheat on him with ethan too! them two are make mistake not just Dixon sorry anyway I 'm still team Sixon
my wish for the new year Sixon back, Liomi already back so I hope tha continued and Nadrianna too


I loved season 2! My hopes for 2010 are Navid+Aid, Naomi+Liam and Teddy+Silver


@landN - well i love to see her with liam but i can see clearly that liam will be with naomi ,,,,, but ivy is pretty awesome she can hook up with other charter .... like teddy for instance but she will hook up with dixon am pretty sure abt that!!!!!! wutever as long as she stay ....


I have to ask to people just want more ivy or more ivy with liam as a couple?????
Cos I agree with more ivy just not with liam as a couple


More of LIAM shirtless HAHA
I love him! and to be with Naomi after they made up made me cry tears of JOY! the next episode gonna be so GREAT.


MORE IVY!!!! ;)


Best character: Naomi Worst character: Dixon--he's been so annoying, selfish, and douchy lately Hopes for 2010: Ivy goes away, Ethan comes back, and lots more Liam/Naomi steamy scenes!


hahahah i totally agree with sarah i thought it just me who felt like that,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but dont compare Blair to naomi ,,,, its not even close to be compared lol blair and her dolls can easily push naomi on the cliff lol IVY SHUOLD BE REG.... SHE'S ONLY REASON WHY I WATCH THIS SHOW :)


she annoys the crap out of me. I don't even bother listening to her annoying, whiny voice anymore.
Annalynne Mccord may be REALLY pretty but thats all. She overacts to the limit that I want to slap her.
Atleast blair on gossip girl, as annoying and naomi-like she is, knows how to act.
I hope annie pushes naomi off of a cliff...or even better, RUNS HER OVER :D since thats what annie specialises in these days :D and i REALLY hope ivy becomes a regular on the show, that would be cool :D


Okay I totally agree with this. Teddy looks 40. When he first came on, I was like do they really think he even looks like a high schooler. hahaha I love the show minus him. I dont know what the H they were thinking in that casting. I want Adrianna and Navid back together!!!!!

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.