TV Fanatic Mid-Season Report Card: Glee

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We must face the sad truth: every single primetime show is on hiatus until 2010. Before the calendar turns, however, let's take a look back.

So far, the TV Fanatic staff has reviewed the ups and downs of The Vampire Diaries, 90210, House, Heroes, NCIS and The Good Wife in our mid-season report cards.

In this edition: Glee.

Best character: Kurt. This was a close call. But while Sue Sylvester utters our the funniest Glee quotes, she doesn't sing. Conversely, we can typically rely on Kurt for a great one-liner and a great note or two dozen during one of the show's countless musical numbers. He was also the focus of our favorite episode so far, "Preggers."

Worst character: Terri. This isn't Jessalyn Gilsig's fault. Her character was simply given grating material. Now that the fake pregnancy storyline has ended, perhaps Terri can return to simply being neurotic and somewhat entertaining.

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Best storyline: We referenced it above. When Kurt officially came out of the closet, we got to see Chris Colfer at his acting best; along with a surprisingly strong performance by Mike O'Malley as his father. We also got to watch this incredible scene.

Grade: A.

Hopes for 2010: Sue singing; A divorce for the Schuesters; A Bon Jovi-themed episode; More tension between New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline.

Agree with these assessments? Disagree? What grade would you give Glee so far? Write in. Let us know!

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Kurt as best character?! NOT EVEN CLOSE! Sue is easily the driving force behind the show. Half the people I know who watch it literally just watch for Sue. And if you didn't want to go with one of the biggest characters, Puck or Brittany would have been solid choices too. Kurt's character is overemotional and underfunny.


Rachel Berry she is the star of the show and of the glee club, and just not in her own mind.


God I'm not even going to bother this show ROCKE MY SOCKS OFF. It's a breath of freash are, and light hearted, yet still deep and dramatic. It's an amazing lig written show. A=, because you can tell Ryan and his writting crew actually do sit down analyze their characters. The have a game plan. Though it's not all set in stone. The first half of the season, the kind of just trew stuff at us to see how the ppl would react to diff storylines. But it wasn't all disorganized like *couch*Gossip Girl*couch* and nothing is done for shock factor. Now that they have a clearer idea for what the veiwers want Ryan and his ppl are going to set out to give ou a fantastic tv seires. I mean it's kind of what Ryan's been saying all along. Like he saw that people werent all that into the whole Quinn and Puck pergnacy thing. So now, since he knows, not many ppl favor this storyline. He won't be forcing Puck + Quinn = Baby down our throats. The only baby related epi will be the one where Quinn finally gives birth. And that's when we will find out what she does with the baby. And they say how BIG Puckelberry became. Basically becoming their biggest fandom over night. So now he plan to push forward with that. The same goes for Will and Emma as well. These ppl know what they are doing. the take notice of what works and what doesn't But that's not to say the Ryan completely scaps a failed storyline with out notice. He will just slowly shift in to where the story needs to be headed. Letting everything play it's natural course. I just love this show. A+ A+ Fav character(s)toss up between Rachel and Sue
least fav character(s) I kind of like them all. They each have their good and their bad. And I can respect that. But that character that frustrates me the most is Finn. He's a sweet guy, and he's nice to look at. But I just don't like how simple minded he is, and I don't like the way he is with Rachel. Infact I don't like Finn and Rachel anything. I adore Finn with Quinn. She's his first love. And after all is finally settled I think Finn and Quinn will find their way back to eachother. Just not now. What I want to see in the back 9
1. PUCKELBERRY! Until me eyes bleed.
2. Sue! Sue! and more Sue!
3. Great music
4. Smartly written dialog. And lots of cute witty banter between Puckelberry.


Lea as Rachel is obviously the best female character but, I love Mark Salling's portrayal of Puck its dead on! If they don't end up together both He and Rachel need to be given Love interests...Finn is waaaay too wishy-washy and naive for rachel...she's in love with his potential! We definitely need to see more of the softer side of Puck. And I too agree that Kurt needs more character development...along with mercedes - the last time we really saw anything from her perspective was when she was getting ready to "bust the windows out Kurt's car" But overall Glee is one of my favorite shows on tv right now...I never miss it!


Best Character: My favorite character ever is Sue Sylvester. Dear God is that woman totally and completely hilarious and awesome. I mean, some of the things she says makes me want to die laughing. Plus, I hear that she will be getting songs to sing in the upcoming episodes in April. So, she'll be like crazy rad!!!!!! No one is as cool as Sue is. I mean, when she said, "I don't trust a man with curly hair. I can't help picturing small birds laying sulfurous eggs in there, and I find it disgusting." is was so extremely funny I almost fell to the floor laughing. With Sue you just don't expect it.. I mean, you think that she can't get any wilder and then she does. Like when she said,"...I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then on some dark, cold night, I will steal away into your house...and punch you in the face." And, when they do a showing of Sue's Corner it's just so wildly different it's insane. You think that no one would ever think that way, but she does!! Or when she said, "When I heard Sandy wanted to write himself into a scene as Queen Cleopatra, I was aroused. And then furious."
That moment was the best moment of the whole season!! Worst Character: Uhm, well. Most would say Terri. But, I can deal with her. I really appreciate all the characters. The only problem I have is with the original Glee Club kids, excluding Rachel, because they are so mean to her. Best Episode: Mash-Up. Because I am a total Puckleberry fan. Or maybe Sectionals 'cause it rules. But, Overall I love the Pilot. Hopes for 2010: Sue Singing. RachelxPuck. Really cool Guest Stars. Really Rad Storylines. Awesome songs. (Of course) And, I just want it to be just as good as it was the first thirteen episodes.


Okay, here are my thoughts (if they are important): The best character to me is Artie simply because I wasn't expecting to like his character. He's like the hidden X factor of the group with all his talents. The character I hated the most is Kendra, Terri's sister. God if anyone should have shut her up, I think Will should have. However, it makes me think if Kendra and Sue got together, what kind of trouble would they set up for our boy Will and the Glee kids. Grade: A, because DAMN THIS ROCKS doesn't count as an actual grade. Hopes for 2010: The love webs grow deeper and a tad bit darker, greater songs (just saw the Madonna list...yes!), more from the Dancers (Santana, Brittney, Matt, and Mike), and Sue's return from Boca...the horror she's planning makes me giddy!


My thoughts
Best character: Rachel Berry! Lea Michele is absolutely incredible and so much fun to watch. Without Rachel, there would be no Glee. Don't get me wrong, I love Kurt, but Kurt didn't belt out a heart stopping solo in the fall finale. Love you Lea!!!
Worst character: Ugh Terri and Will make me vomit!!! I hate Terri! She is so annoying and the fake pregnancy storyline was just poorly written and cruel.
Favorite Episodes: Pilot, The Rhodes Not Taken, Wheels, Ballad, Mattress , and my all time favorite Sectionals
Grade: A++++++++++++++++
Hopes for 2010: Will and Emma together forever, Terri leaves and never comes back, more amazing music and dancing, Finn dumps Quinn and starts dating Rachel, more Artie and Tina together(such a cute couple) GLEE BEATS 30 ROCK AT THE GOLDEN GLOBES AND LEA MICHELE WINS AN EMMY!!!!


ok heres mine:
Best Character: KURT HUMMEL! I love him! He is aweomse, and funny,a nd can sing, and hes gay! I LOVE YOU KURT! Worst Character: Terri. Sorry Terri, i dont like you. I wish there would be more Will X Emma in the next new episodes. I'm dissapointed. Best Storyline: I liked Peggers, Wheels, and Ballads was so cute I have to add that in there! Preggers was amazing! I loved single ladies and Kurt coming out! I wasnt in to Glee at the time, but when I was I couldnt watch that episode enough times! Wheels was great too! I love all the Artie! (Kevin McHale is the second hottest guy in the universe. Next to Chris Colfer of course!) Kurt was amazing at Defying Gravity! Ballads had so many cutye Kurt X Finn moments! (the best couple of all time!) But then hairography was sad for him. :( I'm hoping for more Kurt X Finn. I'm hoping since Ryan Murphey is Ryan Murphey he will at least have them kiss! I would be screaming for hours I'd be so excited! Grade: Since I cant give higher than an A, I give an A! Hopes for 2010: Will X Emma! KURT X FINN! Artie X Tina! Sue singing, more Kurt, More funny lines, More Artie, More Kurt, More Bert (Kurt's dad), more Kurt being gay, MORE KURT!!!!!!


vocal adrenaline is the rival group.
you might remember in the pilot episode when they did rehab by amy winehouse? theyre the reigning champions or something. lol. omgsh! there will definitely be tension. when the diva and miva of new directions and vocal adrenaline, respectively, (lea michele and jonathan groff!) hit it off and have their little love story, THERE WILL BE DRAMA! but yes, i still love love love finn and rachel together :)


Yes the show is uneven at times but still puts on smile on my face. I am in agreement with others that Rachel Berry is the heart and soul of the show. She is flawed, bullied and at times selfish, but she always stays positive and gets right back up. And while other have nice voices, Lea Michele's voice is just pure and wonderful. So easy to listen too. Sorry but Mr. Shue does not need to rap more, been there, done that.

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Glee Quotes

[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


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