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It's unfortunate but true: every primetime show is on hiatus until 2010. Before the calendar flips, though, let's take a look back.

So far, the TV Fanatic staff has reported on the season's pros and cons of The Vampire Diaries, 90210 and House.

Up now: Heroes.

Best character: Samuel Sullivan. This is both a good thing and a bad thing for the show. It's integrated a new character very well into the show... but he's also become more interesting than anyone already on it. That doesn't say much for Tracy, Claire and company.

Still, Samuel's speeches to start and conclude the mid-season were stirring. They left us anxious for what happens next, a rarity on the slow-moving drama these days.

Samuel Photo

Worst character: Mohinder. It's truly comical at this point that he's still around.

Best storyline: The carnival. It's new and it's exciting. In an ideal world (see below), Heroes would set up the group of carnies as a clear-cut set of bad guys, band the known heroes together and have the sides square off.

There's still potential here, but the show has to pick it up - and quickly, lest it eliminate any chance for a fifth season. After all, as well done as Samuel's aforementioned speeches to his brethren were, didn't they sound almost exactly the same? That doesn't say much for how little this storyline advanced over the course of 12 episodes.

Grade so far: C Minus.

Hopes for 2010: It bears repeating: unite the Heroes for a common cause! Also, less of Claire whining and more of Tracy topless.

Do you agree with these assessments, fans? Disagree? Give the first half of the season a grade in our Heroes forum or in the comments section below!

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How do u even dare to write a post like this!! First, Heroes is one of the best thing happened to T.V ever, like Friends and HIMYM Second MOHINDER IS NOT THE WORST ....He is a good one u stupid, everybody says that.... Maybe u are Samuel Sullivan or any other character from heroes therefore u are writng all this nonsense!! Stop giving judgements and misguiding peoples...


If Claire and Tracy are officially in the Carnival then their story lines MIGHT have some potential in being interesting.

Neon glo

Another voice here from someone who finds Samuel lacking in appeal, which is odd because a bad guy should at least have some evil pizazz going for him. I would still like Mohinder going back to his original role as non-powered good guy: the moralistic brain to HRG's barely-moral brawn. And that "Tracy topless" comment was just juvenile.


I agree that these season sucks compared to the past seasons, but I don't know about Mohinder being the worst character I would have to say clair excluding the first season. I love heroes as a show but the last two seasons have not been up to par it seems to me that the eleven episodes in season two have been better than season three and four.


Totally agree with F.D., Maj and Pete.
Mohinder has been porrly written of late but he's preferable to the likes of Claire and her dull storylines. I personally am just annoyed by Samuel now, he's like Sylar collecting powers but doesn't have the ability to kill anyone to gain them himself. Sylar has a pathos to his character that makes you warm to him even when he's being a total git, but Samuel...I have no reason to warm to him at all, he's just power-mad and evil. I hope someone takes him out soon.
I'm still waiting for every hero to be revealed to the world and then properly face the consequences, all this carnival stuff doesn't grip me when they simply vanish into the night and have no real location they're settled on.


I don't get the whole hating Mohinder thing either. He's fine. Claire is the one who is destroying the show. Straight up, single handedly, destroying Heroes. If I wanted to watch some blonde with too much make-up on dealing with "coming of age" bullshit I'd watch one of a thousand friggen' other shows out there targeted to young women who like to watch relationship drama and that kind of crap. This show is about SUPER HEROES!, realistic ones, but super heroes none the less! I'd watch a WHOLE SHOW about Mohinder preferably over all this gooey Claire-Bear crap.


I completely agree with you F.D. Claire was pretty useless this whole season but I just recently started to like the fact that she has joined the carnival (if that).


Worst storyline has to be Claire's. How could you guys complain about a character that appeared only once in 12 episodes? Claire has had an (often pointless) appearance in every single episode so far, and I personally could've done without them. Heck, writers even ruined Nathan's death scene by tossing her into his goodbye speech as if Nathan didn't have two legitimate sons that needed care as well.


Mohinder is pretty useless but anyways. I work at Universal Studios Hollywood and the carnival set is set up right next to where I work so I think I can guess what is going to happen on the upcoming season. So far while filming just last week I saw the trailers for, sylar, peter, hrg, lauren, mohinder,claire, and ando. So I am guessing that there actually is going to be a meet up at the carnival or why else would all those characters be filming a scene at the same time? It's going to be epic.


The most recent promo hints at the exact thing you want. It's all about the characters uniting. You should check it out.

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