TV Fanatic Presents: The 2010 Premiere/Return Date Calendar

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There's no need to stress out if you're stuck on holiday shopping lines tonight. Your favorite show isn't airing a new episode anyway.

Every primetime series is officially on hiatus until the new year. When will your favorite program return and/or premiere a new season? The answers are below...

January 4
The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love
Make It or Break It
The Secret Life of the American Teenager

January 5
The Biggest Loser
The Good Wife
NCIS: Los Angeles

Investigative Team

January 6
Friday Night Lights
Modern Family
Cougar Town
Ugly Betty

January 8
Ghost Whisperer
Medium returns

January 10
Big Love

January 11
Accidentally on Purpose
The Big Bang Theory
CSI: Miami
How I Met Your Mother
Two and a Half Men

January 12
American Idol

January 13
Criminal Minds
Gary Unmarried
The New Adventures of Old Christine

January 14
Grey's Anatomy
The Mentalist
Parks and Recreation
Private Practice
Project Runway

January 17

Human Target

Human Target Poster

January 18
Life Unexpected
One Tree Hill

January 19
White Collar

January 21
Burn Notice
The Vampire Diaries

January 22

January 25

January 31
American Dad
The Cleveland Show
Family Guy
The Simpsons

February 2

February 4
The Office

March 8
Gossip Girl

March 18

March 22
Nurse Jackie
United States of Tara

March 30

April 13

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Matt richenthal

You got it, simon. We'll try to track those down before the week is over.
Thanks for your feedback!


No problem buddy i just figured people would rather pencil them in on the most likely night they are to return so they have an idea. the rest are accurate tho. im bit of a freak when it comes to my shows lol listen while i have your attention would it be possible to scour your sources for 10 things spoilers (im dying for some news about that show) it was actually entertaining (more than i was expecting it to be) and one of the funniest 2009 shows to air

Matt richenthal

We appreciate the help, but the lack of confirmation on some shows. is exactly why they hadn't been posted yet. We will continue to update this schedule as confirmations come in :)


Oh 1 show i LOVE and have no idea when it will be returning (and i see no particular spoilers and what not) is ABC Family's 10 Things I Hate About You anybody with ANY info on the second have of Season 1 please inform me, or email me with subject 10things at thanks


GOD if you gonna do something, do it right TvFanatic! Jeez Guys these are the rest of the premiers/returns (which interest me and are worth my time) sorry but I'm not really into all the reality stuff and all that. The rest I think were mentioned in the TvFanatic post above. If you require any other premiere date post it here and I'll post the date for you. (TvFanatic should hire me! lol) Premiers:
The Deep End, Jan 21st [ABC]
Past Life, Feb 11th {FOX]
Parenthood, March 1st [NBC]
Sons of Tuscon, March 14th [FOX] Returns:
Desperate Housewives, Jan 3rd (or 10th)*
Brothers and Sisters, Jan 3rd (or 10th)*
Ugly Betty, Jan 6th
Modern family, Jan 6th
Cougar town, Jan 6th
Castle, Jan 11th
90210, Jan 19th**
Melrose place, Jan 19th**
Glee, April 13th *DH and B&S are not confirmed but it WILL be the 3rd or the sunday after (10th) **90210 and Melrose Place have not yet bee dated but all other shows are returning in week Jan 18-22 (beside Gossip Girl due to the LUX premiere) so it is worth assuming the FOX remakes will return to The CW on TUESDAY of that week