Vicki Gunvalson Opens Up About Abusive Marriage

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Vicki Gunvalson is a cast member on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

To viewers, she's a businesswoman, a loyal wife and an energetic presence on the show. But she tells the latest issue of Life & Style that life was always this easy and enjoyable.

Prior to marrying Donn Gunvalson, Vicki was the victim of an abusive relationship. She married first husband Michael J. Wolfsmith at the age of 21; and was pregnant with her second child by the time she turned 23.

"[Michael] was an alcoholic. He abused me verbally. He had many affairs during our marriage," Vicki tells the magazine.

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Vicki divorced her first mate when she was 29; but the six years she spent with him were Hell, she says.

"[They] were filled with screaming. I had to be his mother. I'd throw cold water on him to wake him up for work. It was a very hard life."

Michael was contacted by Life & Style and admitted to problems with alcohol; but he says he never abused nor cheated on Vicki.

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they are all so full of themselves. but i still watch. what a waste of money. spent on their egos


nobody cares about you or your lunatic ravings about vicki. Give it up pathetic woman. Every yr your comments get more n more psychotic. Ur losing it hunny. Let go of the hate before you lose what youre trying so desperately to hang onto, vickis leftovers!


vicki,as always is full of sh*t!she was having an affair with dochebag donn long before her divorce.embezzling from the family business,trying to rip off friends in airplane schemes,putting on airs that she thought she was better than anyone else,are just a few of her 'GOOD" qualities. i could go on forever,and i may at somepoint.she is no good,rotten to the core.....a horrible human being!.she withheld those kids from their father..don't let anyone fool you..SHE'S THE ABUSIVE ONE!...i know first hand!


FYI, riskyb is also ellen crosby


ellen being "wolfys gal" n mike wolfsmiths current girlfriend. and shes highly qualified to speak out on affairs, had several of her own.


give it up ellen. u stuck with what u knew, another abusive drunk!


Vicki is a control freak. Gretchen was fine until Slade, Tamara loves drame, Alexis is plastic and Lynn? I love Lynn for being her own person although maybe she should ground her kids for a few years. Or at least take away their cell, it's their lifeline.


Alexis has always this Me attitude. on the show She only talks anything but Herself. Her beauty is not natural and her lips and boobs looks fake. She thinks that shes the preetiest girl of all the orange county housewifes. hell nooo she is so dumb.


Since I see no other posts, this blogsite has little exposure. Vicki was married to Mike Wolfsmith for nine years. She used to send him cards on their anniversary, often enclosing pictures of her latest breast enhancements. There was never any abuse allegations until Bravo created this "famewhore". As to any affairs, it was Vicki who was sleeping around with several of Mikes childhood friends and she was involved with Donn quite awhile before her divorce. Anyone who watches the "[un]Real Housewives knows she has no credibility when it comes to telling the truth.