What Did You Think of "The Debarted"?

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The final episode of the calendar year just aired, featuring a blast from the past and a whole lot to look forward to in the future. What did you think?

In our opinion, tonight's episode, written by executive producer Stephanie Savage, was one of the series' best to date. Just amazing stuff from Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford (yes, Chace Crawford) and great stories all around.

But we want to hear from you! Did you love tonight's Gossip Girl? Did it live up to the hype? Was it disappointing? Confusing? Will it tide you over for a while?

Enlighten us with your impressions of this evening's Gossip Girl by leaving your comments and voting in our poll below. Did you like the episode? If so, why?

Chair Chat

Blair always knows best when it comes to Chuck.

What did you think of "The Debarted"?

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I loved this episod so much! It was everything I could've wanted, well I don't think Tripp got hurt enough, a simple punch for that guy is not enough! (In cyrus's words) Chuck and Blair were amazing! Blair has been getting on my nerves this season, but she was so great this episode!


I think the only few omg Tripp wife wants to see him only as a mistress. Chuck sees his mom at the grave. Jenny got a job doing drugs. Dan not telling Vanessa anything. Nate hitting Tripp


I think that we can all agree that chuck and blairs hospital scene was the best of the whole episode. This episode was deffinately the best of the season and at the very least in the top 5 best epsisodes for the series. Also Blake is a lovely girl, and a good actress, but ed and leighton honestly are the best actors on the show. Their chemistry is amazing, and they can do a wide range of acting, but they are best when they are doing heart breaking scenes, much like the hospital one. They deserve an award, and i dont think that blake really deserves a best actress award when ed and leighton are giving amazing performances like that.

Kimberly anne

I love this episode.
This has been the most dramatic episode we have had in a long time.
My friend and I rejoiced when heard that Serena got into a car accident, but quickly lost our smile to see her survived; although her and Tripp weren’t that bad.
It’s Nate who I have a problem with. Gossip Girl was completely wrong when she said he was the hero. To be a hero he has to be a good actor first and he is no where near that.
I felt bad for Dan because his confession to Vanessa wasn’t the way he wanted it to be. I’m kind of rooting for them, but they better not take up too much screen time in the future.
So Lily slept with Serena’s dad and Rufus is now getting together with that woman? This is like her marriage with Bart all over again; so much for Rufus being the one for her.
There wasn’t enough Blair which is totally a horrible thing. But I’m freaking happy that she was there to comfort her love. I thought they should have let Blair tell Chuck she loves him like last year and this time has him say it back.
OMG! Is Chuck’s mom really not dead?!?!
Ed Westwick deserves a damn Emmy for his performance last night!!! This episode proves once again why he is 10 times better than all the other actors on the show. The scene of him at the hospital and the intimate scene of him and Leighton were amazing!!! This also proves why their chemistry is 10 times better than any other couple on the show and on TV.
I can’t wait for next week because I think I will finally witness some Chair action in a long time. I hope there will be a lot of them.
Chair Forever.


Best episode of season 3 !!!!!


Anyone else get the impression that Chuck was wondering if his "mother" was another ghost haunting him? When he looked back at the car, almost as though he wanted to ask Blair if she saw the already-placed yellow roses on Bart's grave (I assume he asked B to wait in the car, I can't imagine her leaving him more alone).
Also, it seems clear to me that it was Chuck's guilt haunting him, and not Bart himself. Bart had seemed to be trying his best (if too little too late) to be a better man in the year leading up to his death, and had applauded the maturity he saw in Chuck when he & B got together the first time. Lily may have been killing that spark of goodness in him right before his death though.
Speaking of Lily, I'm not convinced she was actually cheating on Rufus with S&E's dad. However, secrets and lies are so deeply ingrained in her makeup, that even something innocent like trying to convince Mr. VdW to reconnect with S would be something Lily would think she needs to hide. And how cold was Lily to forget that it was the anniversary of Bart's death! She's had no problem enjoying the fruits of widowhood (that gorgeous apartment, billions of dollars, control of a major corporation, and all the prestige attendant on those things), yet had the accident happened even a day later she would have been entitled to little if nothing. She is a selfish, cold, calculating bitch most of the time, and I have grave doubts that even Rufus' love will save her from herself.


FINALLY a really good episode


Yes, Stephanie Savage should definitely write more episodes like this! Chuck's scenes were beautiful and really let him show his acting skills, and the lines were great. The story lines made sense and had enough wow factor.

Anabel cornelia

*Absolutely this was the best episode ever ! *Yes, I cried too. *No doubts the best scene was the one of B and C at the hospital. *LMAO when Bart said ¨I love you too¨ *Loved Serena´s hat ;) *Too bad we have to wait until March :( *Looks like the best episodes are the last of each year !


BEYOND AMAZING :) This was such a powerful and emotional episode. Definetely one of the best, if not THE best, one so far. The C/B scene in the end almost made me cry but at the same time, I was smiling. So sincere, beauitful and epic! They are LOVE.


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