What Did You Think of "The Debarted"?

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The final episode of the calendar year just aired, featuring a blast from the past and a whole lot to look forward to in the future. What did you think?

In our opinion, tonight's episode, written by executive producer Stephanie Savage, was one of the series' best to date. Just amazing stuff from Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford (yes, Chace Crawford) and great stories all around.

But we want to hear from you! Did you love tonight's Gossip Girl? Did it live up to the hype? Was it disappointing? Confusing? Will it tide you over for a while?

Enlighten us with your impressions of this evening's Gossip Girl by leaving your comments and voting in our poll below. Did you like the episode? If so, why?

Chair Chat

Blair always knows best when it comes to Chuck.

What did you think of "The Debarted"?

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I was amazed by this episode.
I loved how everyone reacted, when they found out about Serena in Hospital, i totally loved the end, when Chuck saw his mother (I'm pretty much sure that it is his mother). That actress actually look a lot like Chuck. But why this whole time she needed to pretendet, that she is dead?
I think Trip and his wife should never come back to show. I hate them as much, as that's possible now.
Jenny is getting much more interesting as a character. I hope she'll get in a lot of trouble... And that dealer is so good looking! I've seen him in some movies, and I always thought he's very handsome....
Yeah, that's pretty much it. 4 words - I loved the episode.


Leighton Meester is a wonderfull and gifted actress. She deserves an Emmy.


Im from australia and having trouble downloading the episode...can anyone advise where i can find the episode. Im a huge CHUCK and BLAIR fan and im hanging out to watch it!!!


@ jenny and nate still a chance? : actually i don't think so,he's been chasing for serena till now i don't see the reason why he's to be with jenny @ the moment :)


We don't have to wait till March, just Janurary 4th. We have two episodes and THEN we must wait till March.

Megi x

I'm DYING in anticipation for this episode, after everything I've read!!!!
I have to result in seeing it online, after my stupid lesson.


Gosh, I've just seen the episode and I was like : waaaaau It was amazing, really. I hate Trip and his wife, anything about Trip.
I love Chuck in this episode and Blair and the reaction of everyone, when they notice, that S is in the hospital.
And N on the chair in hospital, when Serena see him... that made me cry.


It was absolutely amazing! Best episode of the season so far.


in the promo (thanks youtube) nate says i've been waiting for this a long time any chance this is with jenny???


OH THE HELL YEAH, ED WESTWICK should have an emmy award, as well as Leighton, they have the greatest on set chemistry , love em both.


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