William Russ Replaced by Stephen Nichols on The Young and the Restless

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That didn't take long.

William Russ - who premiered on The Young and the Restless on December 2 - has already been replaced on the soap opera.

Stephen Nichols (best known for his 14-year run on Days of Our Lives) will take over the role of Tucker McCall next month. He first air date is January. Said show producer/head writer Maria Arena Bell of the switch:

“William Russ is a talented actor and we enjoyed working with him. However, we decided to take the character in another direction.”

As for The Young and the Restless spoilers involving Tucker: He'll soon be revealed to have a startling connection to a major resident of Genoa City.

The New Tucker
William Russ

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What a huge huge mistake replacing William Russ, Y & R Execs - you sure got this one wrong. Stephen Nicols may have been good in Days, but not in this role, sorry but he's not a patch on Wililam Russ. Bring back William Russ for the sake of your viewers, there's no pizaz, just fizzle with the new Tucker, you lost the plot this time Y & R with a very silly decision, very very disappointed...


Bring William Russ back. I really enjoyed watching him. He was a better choice for Katherine Chancelor's son.


I think you made the biggest mistake for the young and the restless!!! The first Tucker was the best one!! He had Kays son down to a T even though he was so cruel, He was still the best actor as Tucker that there ever could be!! BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!


I think the first Tucker, William Russ, was the best Tucker. I think you made a big mistake replacing him. He fit the part so much better, I wish you would explain why you really replaced him. William Russ is a excellent actor, not that Stephen Nichols is not, but I just think Y&R made a big mistake on this one.


William Russ was perfect and more convincing as Kay C's son.


I ask the same question-Why did you replace William Russ as Tucker McCall?????????? I enjoyed him playing the character of Tucker McCall. I think he was more believable as Catherines son, than the replacement, the new one looks like he could be a grandson, not a son!I also think that you guys blew it!


Why did you replace William Russ? He is a fantasic actor. I will really miss him. Mr Russ was the perfect actor to bring new excitement to Young & Restless. You guys blew this decision!! This is the second time you have replaced an actor that I really enjoyed watching. Remember the first Adam? He too was a wonderful actor. Sincerely, Sandy P.S. When are you going to replace the office furniture in he board room of Jaboo? How many years have you had it?


y and r are making a big mistake william russ is the perfect tucker mccall not that stphen nicols is not talanted but russ really plays the role perfect i've watched y and r for years but now i think i;m gonna leave, i just can't see anyone else in the role of tucker mccall give steven a role which is younger for him not jill! so so long y and r its been nice.... to russ william a new adventure will come along bigger and better GOOD LUCK!!sharon T.

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