Zach Gilford Says Goodbye to Friday Night Lights

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We apologize for not labeling this post with a Friday Night Lights spoiler warning - but even those waiting to watch season four on NBC next year most likely read many weeks ago that Zach Gilford was only booked for a few episodes.

The actor - who plays Matt Saracen and who gave the performance of a lifetime on the episode "The Son" - left the series this week.

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He then spoke to The Los Angeles Times about his experience on the incredible drama. Excerpts are below...

On knowing Saracen well: After four years of doing the same character, you kind of know what you’re doing. That’s not saying you’re a great actor or anything, but you know when you’re doing something stupid, or doing something real. But I think we all have confidence we can go into any scene and make it real and not do anything where people will be like, "Really?"

On respect for Saracen: He’s always been the guy who put everyone ahead of himself, and this season he did it again. That’s why he was still in Dillon. His arc this year is figuring out that it’s time for him to put himself ahead of everyone else, and realize that it’s not going to be the end of the world if he does that.

On the future of Saracen: He heads up to Chicago, and he’s figuring stuff out, I guess you can say. It’s all a little vague. But [Jesse Plemons, Ladnry] and I are waiting to see what happens to his character. If he leaves, him and I are going to try and make a spinoff.

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one of the main reasons I watched fnl was because of Zack you lost an amazing actor the show will never be the same for me


Ugh! I can't take any more leaving :( I knew things had to be different this season (and the show is still amazing) but its just so different that its hard b/c all the "old" characters were sooo awesome! Smash was amazing and I was sad to see him go but now with Tyra, Matt, Lyla, Jason all going I don't know how much more I can stand! I'm holding on to hope that at least Tyra will come back next season. Adrienne is an amazing actress!


Was "The Son" Matt Gilford's last ever episode? I hope not! I'm really gonna miss his character - he was my favourite from the very first episode!


I really hope to see Matt in some episodes of seanson 5 of FNL, he's my favorite and Zach Gilford did a really great job since the beginning of the show.

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