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Community Review: "Investigative Journalism"

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The return of Community was hit-or-miss. Catch up with our recap of "Investigative Journalism" now and then find out what we liked and didn't like about the episode...

HIT: the series winking at critics that have criticized Jeff Winger for being too much of a bitter jerk by having Joel McHale's first words back make fun of his character's first semester personality.

MISS: Jack Black. We're just not huge fans of the comic, who plays the same character in every movie and show he's on.

HIT: The idea of Jack Black's Buddy. We loved the integration of him into past scenes of the show, even the ones he made up about Britta and Annie fighting in cheerleading outfits. Okay. Especially those ones.

BIG HIT: "I’m sure you guys have a natural rapport and timing, and you’re scared that adding a new member might through everything off of its natural — CUT TO TITLE SEQUENCE — rhythm."

Community Guest Star

HIT: Jeff as the editor-in-chief of the Greendale newspaper. This has the potential for many storylines, laughs and martinis with olives, the latter thanks to Abed.

MISS: (Many, many) References to M*A*S*H. It's an iconic program, but it went off the air in 1983. How many viewers even know who Hawkeye is? It was surprising to see the show return to these jokes in almost every scene.

HIT: Pierce's t-shirts. Our favorite was the final one: Man Candy.

MISS: Jeff dragging Buddy away from the study group. Jack Black screaming, Jack Black with his pants around his ankles. We've seen this numerous times before.

HIT: Annie's face during this confrontation between Jeff and Buddy. Fast forward to it on DVR if you can. Priceless stuff. Alison Brie is outstanding in this role.

What did you think? Are we being too harsh on Black? What was your favorite line from the episode? Is it included among the Community quotes below?

Abed: I'm so happy I just peed a little. | permalink
Annie: If this article breaks out, I can apply for journalism scholarships. Nobody will care about my time in rehab if they think I'm a writer! | permalink
Annie: The text message was sent exclusively to black students, and one French kid named LeBron. | permalink
Chang: I am a man who can never die! And this has been your first taste of Spanish one-oh-dos, the semester I get inside your cabezas. | permalink


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just saying, mash is a very famous show. most people know both hawkeye and alan alda.