Fringe Review: "The Bishop Revival"

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Fringe ROCKS! What an amazing show this week!

This week’s episode of Fringe, “Bishop Revival”, allowed you to get to know the Bishop family tree.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this family.  Not only is Walter a mad, brilliant scientist, but his father was one, as well.

Walter’s father created a super toxin, able to target and kill any specific genetic trait.  This had the Fringe team fighting to stop a Nazi killer from murdering all sorts of people.  Walter’s life was even on the line!  What a heart stopper! 

And what about Walter's hopes for the union of Peter and Agent Dunham?!?  A little love between the two would make for some great entertainment.  We always knew there might be some connection between Peter and Agent Dunham, and look forward to seeing if anything develops.  This is one thing this show is missing, some good old fashioned romance!

Concerned Walter

At the end of the episode you see a picture of Walter with the killer.  How did these two know each other?  Was Walter somehow involved in the remaking of this toxin?  There are so many unanswered questions! All we know is that Walter is always able to save the day! 

Without Walter, all would be lost!  Or is it that somehow, Walter is responsible for all the bad things that have happened thus far?  Is he the “evil” mastermind, not able to remember what he has done in the past?  Now that would be an amazing twist!  Could our lovable Walter once have had a bad side?

Again, when questioned by Dunham, Walter emphasizes how important his family is to him.  We do know that he would be willing to risk everything for Peter, enough to have found a way to replace his dead son.

Again there are just so many pieces of the puzzle still missing!  This show always keeps us guessing and we hope to find out more next week on the Winter Season Finale. 

Here are a few of our favorite Fringe quotes from this week's episode:

Walter: Do you think she'll call me dad?
Peter: Who?
Walter: Agent Dunham. | permalink

Walter: That man corrupted. He corrupted my fathers work.
Dunham: I understand.
Walter: No, no, it was more than that. You see, family is very important to me. There's nothing I wouldn't do. | permalink

Walter: Perhaps there are some mysteries that are destined to remain unsolved. | permalink

Broyles: What you did tonight.
Walter: Was to use the killer's DNA to target him and only him using his own toxin. If you plan to press charges then so be it. But I don't regret what I did.
Broyles: Good night Dr. Bishop | permalink


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    I love that Walter has a tie into everything. Can't wait to see what happen's next! I am sad that the show is going on a hiatus, but the new show Past Life does look really good!

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