Fringe Review: "Johari Window"

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Watching this week’s episode, Johari Window, one couldn’t help but feel compassion for the townspeople of Edina.  Not only are they physically deformed on the outside, but are trapped in their town.  What a way to live, almost like being in their own personal prison.

Being a parent, this episode really tugged at my heartstrings. Watching Rose trying to protect her son Teddy... mothers usually only want the best for their children and it must have been difficult for Rose to watch her son live this way.  Teddy felt so trapped he was willing to try and run away, even with the consequence of living with his deformities visible to everyone around him.

People are so consumed with their outward appearance, making this episode relevant to our society and how we so easily judge each other. From fashion, to our obsession with celebrities, to our obsessive need to have cosmetic work done.... maybe, we can learn something from this episode. It definitely had me thinking.

In a Small Town

Walter's previous ties to the cases each week leave us puzzled.  How can he be tied to so many different scientific experiments and crimes?  Will Walter help the team finally figure out the “Other Side” connection to their own universe? 

We are total Team Walter fans, always enjoying the hilarity added by his character.  It is entertaining to watch his struggle with his broken mind, leaving us to wonder what will be next for the old brilliant man.

One negative about this week’s episode is that it gave us no further information pertaining to the “Other Side” storyline.  We hope that next week’s installment leaves us closer to finding Agent Dunham and Walter's link to the alternative universe. 

We leave you with a few of our favorite Fringe quotes from last night's episode:

Walter: Just because no one has documented flying monkeys or talking lions yet hardly means they don't exist | permalink
Olivia: Walter, were you involved in any military testing in Edina?
Walter: Not that I recall. I'm sure I'd remember something as exciting as human metamorphosis. | permalink
Walter: I'm learning to appreciate cowardice, The Lion had a point.
Peter: The Lion?
Walter: The Cowardly Lion.
Peter: But again, that was just a movie and there's no flying monkeys inside the grocery store. | permalink
Peter: You know me, I never miss a chance for a good conspiracy theory. | permalink
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    No offense but they have yet to explain how peter fits into the whole alternate universe thing either. He may be from the alt-universe but nothing has come of it.


    Hello - We know that Peter IS from the an alternate universe, but what we don't know is how exactly Walter and Olivia come into play.


    I would like to comment you on your great writer... It was an excellent description of the episode I missed...Can't wait for the next one! Keep up your good work! Congrats!!!


    Wait a minute, you hope you find out Olivia and Walter's ties to the alternate universe next week? aren't you forgetting (as per usual with the Olivia and Walter fans) about Peter? He is FROM the alternate universe! I think WE should know more about HIM as opposed to knowing ALL ABOUT WALTER AND OLIVIA! jeez.


    I hope they show more about the other side soon! I agree - these days we are so consumed with celebrities and fashion that we don't even know what is happening in our own backyards, let alone around the world!

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