Gossip Girl Spoilers: Daddy (and Mommy) Issues!

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Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello has some interesting Gossip Girl tidbits in his TV spoiler column today. We're curious to hear your theories.

The Jenny item is pretty much nothing new to us, as it just confirms what we've basically seen from her up until now. But the Chuck Bass gossip?

That we're looking for your take on. See below ...

Q: Can I have a Jenny Humphrey Gossip Girl scoop?

A: Everyone’s least-favorite Queen Bee gets a new job: drug mule for boyfriend Damien. Talk about a step up! Congratulations to Jenny!

Q: I need a Chuck and Blair spoiler from Gossip Girl, please.

A: Chuck will be accused of sexual harassment. Also, look for Chuck’s mommy issues and Serena’s daddy issues to intersect.

Meester Chuck

How does Chuck end up being accused of sexual harassment? By whom? How will the situation with his mom and Serena's daddy issues intersect?

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At first I fet like it would be Jack but then I thought who would take Jack over Chuck esp after what he did to Lily yeah no one would believe him. But I feel like it could be Jenny only bc chuck almost messed things up for her when she did her first drug deal a while back


:OOO Soundsss good! Cant wait for the seccond half of the series! The love triangle between S, Nate and Jenny will be intresting... And yeahh Jack has GOT to be involved in the harrasment storyline. And the mum/dad storyline sounds intresting... Oooh I just hope that Chair/Bluck stay strong throughout! I would like to see some spice from them too however. They are the best couple on the show, but only when they are exciting and fun! Love it! xoxo


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... This is so cute :') check it out!


I just hope that Blair stands by Chuck no matter what...But, even if she does get pissed wid him, i hope that dey cum 2gether n the ending of da episode...I don't care about jenny...so no comments on her but chair should just be fyn...and whoever dat girl is who accuses chuck of sexual harrassment, wshould be murdered by blair...lol...really luking 4ward 2 da next episode...wen is it cuming out? as in on wat date in march 2010???


I only hope that chuck and blair will are togheter!!!!!!!!CHUCK I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


about sexual harassment.. maybe chuck will try to help jenny and damien would accuse chuck to get rid of him ..
and about "Also, look for Chuck’s mommy issues and Serena’s daddy issues to intersect." ,maybe we find out that chuck is mister van der woodsen's son :D :)) (bart and chuck don't really look like father and son..)just a supposition


I can not wait for this. I hope they do it well.


Q: I need a Chuck and Blair spoiler from Gossip Girl, please. A: Chuck will be accused of sexual harassment. Also, look for Chuck’s mommy issues and Serena’s daddy issues to intersect. -------------------
the question is "CHuck&blair" 's spoiler..not only Chucck's we want more CHAIR... Where is blair pls??? where is CHUCK AND BLAIR 'S intersect??? pls


Also - OF COURSE Chuck gets sued for sexual harassment. I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier! I kinda hope its for real though, and not Jack setting him up, because honestly I think it will make for a great storyline and GREAT drama!


This is far fetched but I am convinced that Chuck and Serena are somehow twins. I haven't figured it all out yet, but I think somehow Chuck's mom and maybe Serena's dad are the parents, and that's why maybe Bart and Chuck's mom broke up.