Grey's Anatomy Cast Speaks on the Chief's Ousting

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It's safe to say the Seattle Grace-Mercy West merger did not work out for anyone.

No offense to Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and his good looks, but no one else came out of this looking good. Especially not the Chief, who started drinking again.

On Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked," the truth finally came out thanks to Derek, who's poised to take the top job.

So what does this mean for James Pickens, Jr., (Chief Richard Webber) staying on the show? How will the doctors take to Patrick Dempsey's Derek being the boss now?

Sources say Pickens is not leaving the show and Derek is not permanently taking his position. But Derek will be acting as interim chief while Richard works on his issues.

Not everyone will be happy about that, either.

Chief, Der

Richard is out as Chief and Derek is stepping up - at least for now.

"Obviously the minute that your leader trips, there's a ripple effect that happens throughout the hospital," Jessica Capshaw said. "It's going to bring great challenge."

"Is he going to leave, is he going to get help, is he not going to get help, who's going to get help for him, is he going to get help for himself?" the actress pondered.

Co-star Justin Chambers added: "We're all in shock because for me, the Chief has always represented someone stoic and smart and definitely experienced. I still respect McDreamy, but to see him as the big cheese is going to be kind of strange."

So strange, in fact, the hospital will be divided in two.

While some doctors can see that Derek was doing what was right for the hospital, others accuse him of betraying the Chief. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) is on Team Der.

"Owen has a scene where he kind of supports him," McKidd said. "Derek asks, 'Do you feel like I'm being selfish?' and he says, 'If this benefits the most amount of people, then that's the right decision. If it's just benefiting you, it's the wrong decision.'"

If you think Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is all of a sudden going to get special treatment for being married to the interim head honcho, then you best think again.

"Meredith is so good anyway," said Chambers. "She has a high IQ, she does every surgery impeccably. I don't think we'll have a problem with her. However, I'm sure Alex will throw out a few words that aren't necessarily polite about her sleeping with the Chief."

What do you predict will happen? When will Richard reclaim his post? Do you think Derek acted for the right reasons? Sound off on recent developments below ...

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i agree with IamMe,we should have more mer der scenes.that's what greys Anatomy is all about,and that's what made the show a bestseller.


Regardless of the reasoning, Derek did what had to be done. The chief is a MESS and has been for a long time. So maybe it is satisfying to Derek to be the person in charge, but that doesn't change the fact that Dr. Webber is too unstable to run a hospital. Derek did the responsible thing.


How can u say that the black man has gone backwards when we have a great black president? And the creator of this show is a fine black woman. The woman that decided to approve this story line. Nothing we see on our screens are there unless Shonda Rhimes approves it. This show is like a beautiful rainbow of people of all colors. Dude you need to learn to be color blind. See people for there heart and not there color or who they love. But you have a problem with gay people too....huh???


I dont think Derek did it for selfish reasons... i think the whole bottle thing in the chiefs office was to prove that richard had a drinking problem and to get him to admit because richard wasnt admitting it to himself. He was being cruel to be kind...


The way the actors thoughts read about the chief makes me wonder if the staff have realised that the chief is drinking. they have got to realised that something is amiss in the hospitals running by now, surely?


I think it's a good thing that Dereks ganna b cheif, it means hopefully there will be more MerDer! What Der did, i think he sort of did it for himself, but as someone else said he could have been cheif since S4. Plus he didn't take his "telling on" the cheif super lightly, he talked to some people about it and got a few other views.


I think Derek won't like being Chief. He won't have time for Mer.


What difference does it make to the story long as the African American is not in charge...that's all that matters to them!!!! Same thing happened on Private Practice. Seems like we're still going backwards!!!!!!


I miss the old Chief, the one who was fatherly and wise, not the one who was slashing jobs with a hatchet and ruling with an iron fist. I really want him to get it together.
That said, I support what Derek did, but not the way he went about it. Meredith put him in an impossible situation - be a good husband to her or be a good leader to the hospital. I think he realized that Meredith will forgive him when this has all passed, but she had too much personal investment in the Chief's time-out.
Anyone who said Derek was selfish and wrong - he's turned down the job twice. Once for Meredith, and once for Richard. In both cases, leaving Richard as the Chief was the better choice. This time, it's not, because the decisions he makes impact lives, and we all know that alcohol impairs judgment. Think if you were the Whipple patient, and you woke up with complications. Then, you found out the attending surgeon let a third-year resident perform your surgery when residents aren't considered ready until their fifth year. If that surgery had ended anything but textbook, there would have been hell to pay for Richard and Meredith. He still would have been ousted and no one would be willing to take a chance on Meredith anymore (save for maybe Derek, and of course that would be considered favoritism).


If Mer had done that surgery and failed and Richard was too drunk to have a steady hand supervising, that would have ruined Richard's reputation, and severly harmed Mer's burgeoning career. Der had to save Mer from big consqences if she had failed. I hope Mer gets to show that she's inherited some of her mother's skills and ability. The chief needs to confront what he has done. When Der was a drunk S5 and blamed Richard for destroying his lfe, Richard said he had destroyed other peoples lives. So that's Meredith and Ellis, and to a certain extent Adele's? The chief seems to have lost his empathy and compassion recently. the falling status of SGH knocked his even his level headedness that Der said he had, with everyone but Mer.
I think Der will have a lot of his time being absorbed by the hospital, just as the chief predicted. Mer's going to have to be the polite wife at fund raisers, not at all her sort of thing.

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